Monday, October 22, 2007

Exposing Fox News

These are clips from Outfoxed. Robert Greenwald (recipient of journalism's prestigioua Upton Sinclair award) is the director of Outfoxed.

Fox News, in its present state, will never have a reporter win a muckraker award like this.

With just a little bit of research one will know NOT to depend on Fox News for anything but examples of corporate bias and right wing propaganda.

If you haven't seen OutFoxed why not? Have you thought about the corporate ownership and interests of your local news and other national news sources?


James Young said...

In the interest of casting pearls before a swine, the "prestigioua Upton Sinclair award" that you reference is not a journalistic award; it is an award from a political organization (guess on which side of the aisle it falls?).

Then again, what he did wasn't journalism in any meaningful sense of the word.

Mosquito said...

James...I will have to admit my error....Technically it is a "freedom of expression award" and yes it is an ACLU award....

But you are wrong about the is NOT a political group. The ACLU is proudly nonpartisan and has protected the constitutional rights of Americans at all points of the political spectrum.

LOL...James Young....Greenwald does more investigative journalistic work than "any" Fox News reporter...chuckle. Bill Moyers, an incredibly gifted journalist also works with video to get his stories across.