Saturday, October 13, 2007

If you are a social activist you are a terrorist....

It seems the use of laws to strip away civil liberties is not just an American phenomenon anymore.

In El Salvador, the government claims that terrorists include the citizens protesting the privatization of water. (This should sound familiar because if you are an environmental or animal rights activist in the United States you are also defined as a terrorist.) Multinational Corporations are buying up water supplies worldwide claiming that they can manage the water shortage that is about to come better than the governments...of course they will sell their water to the elites as the highest price. The El Salvadoran people prefer to keep the water public and have laws protecting clean water from being contaminated by the very same multinational corporations who want to profit on scarcer supplies of clean water.

The war on terrorism is now being used world wide to silence people from speaking out against the takeover of resources (and our governments) by multinational corporations.

Unfortunately, we need water to survive....water should not become a property of the multinational corporations. When water is privatized under the Free Trade Agreement in South America it is illegal for anyone to even collect rain water. Go figure...

Here's a video of those deadly South American activists.

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