Thursday, November 08, 2007

Will the Congress listen to US?

Are there enough patriots in Congress to fight for the rule of law and not interfere with the judicial process? Let the courts do their job and if the Telecoms are guilty of illegal surveillance they should bear the lawful consequences. (And then the courts can take on the evildoers in our government who asked the Telecoms to spy on us.)

Are there enough patriots in Congress to uphold the rule of law, an essential element in any "alleged" democracy, and INSIST on having an attorney general who will go after the criminals and not protect them. It's better to have no attorney general than to get another Gonzalez in the office.

Stay tuned....better yet contact your elected officials and let them know you are aware of what they will be voting on. If you won't take the time to exert some pressure then who will?

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