Sunday, December 30, 2007

Bush World is Thriving in VA --Part 1

This all started with a Cobalt6 post titled Why Can't Republicans Tell the Truth? The author was expressing his frustration with the antics og Virginia's right wing blogosphere. I decided to check out the Yankee Phillip blog post Truth-teller referred to in his post.

Sure enough, Truth-teller attempted to hold YP accountable for spreading one of those ridiculous falsehoods that Virginia's right wing blogosphere is known for. He asked YP to cite his source (the source of his statement about the banning of teaching about the Holocaust in UK schools). Truth-teller responsibly cited a BBC source which reported that YP's claim was had no merit.

Interestingly enough YP did not make a single comment. But as often happens in Virginia's right wing blogosphere some other right wingers started in on Anonymous and attempted to stir things up. As often happens this is when the gaming and spinning begins It seems that the right wing believes if you can muddy the waters enough accountability can be avoided and they won't have to admit that they have no legitimate sources to work with.

I decided to have a little fun and join the fray. I began my comment:
First....Anonymous hit the nail on the head with the simple, truthful statement, "It's not like you folks have any credibility to squander anyway." There's no way to have a serious discussion with folks who refuse to cite sources, prefer to spread "false information and rumors," and play petty games to try to come out a "winner." I still have no idea what these folks think they are winning....
I continued with my assessment of how no intelligent person would see them as serious, legitimate bloggers with the way they behave.

Swac Girl then replied directly to my post and her reply was just so typical that I would be negligent not to post it here:

Swac Girl said...

Anonymous and Mosquito:

Here are a few of the sources of story about UK suspending Holocaust history in schools:

UK Daily Mail:

This Is London:

Yahoo Answers:

Free Liberal:

Geek Log:

Real Clear Politics:

Google it and you will find plenty more.

Buzz buzz SPLAT!

I decided to give Swac Girl a surprise. I don't think she's accustomed to being taken seriously by anyone. I decided to take the time to see if she had indeed found sources to back up YP's ridiculous claim. Upon review the sources Swac Girl cited led me to believe that maybe she hadn't even bothered to read the sources she was citing....most had nothing to do with the topic and NONE of them offered any proof to legitimize YP's claim.

By this time it was easy to conclude that Swac Girl had not taken her own advice seriously. There's no way she googled this. But I took her advice and googled the YP claim: United Kingdom bans Holocaust teaching from schools--and google gave me the following info:

Urban Legends Reference Pages: Holocaust Teaching Ban in the UK · K-12 Education

Holocaust Teaching Ban. Claim: Schools in the UK no longer teach about the Holocaust for fear of offending Muslim students. Status: Multiple: ... - Similar pages

Holocaust Ban in UK Schools Chain Email

Holocaust Ban in UK Schools Chain Email. Summary: ... The UK government has not banned the teaching of the Holocaust in schools, nor is it planning to do so ... - 24k - Cached - Similar pages

BBC NEWS | UK | Education | Holocaust 'ban' e-mail confusion

E-mails are circulating, falsely claiming the UK has banned schools from teaching pupils about the Holocaust. The suggestion is that this was done by the ... - 44k - Cached - Similar pages

No serious blogger would have been so sloppy with their research. But then when did research matter in Bush World--where reality and facts are not allowed to tread.

Swac Girl continues to live up to the reputation that she has gained with her antics and behavior. (A historical note: Swac Girl has quite a history in Virginia's blogosphere. Many remember when Swac Girl and her pack disrupted Virginia's blogosphere with their infamous "Let's attack Waldo Jacquith" campaign. I'd love to provide links to Swac Girl's site so you could see for yourself how low she stooped but unfortunately she no longer makes her blog archives available to her readers. It's more difficult to hold one accountable if you can't refer to their archives. One of Swac Girl's pack actually broke Virginia law and "impersonated a lawyer" and preceded to threaten Waldo with a lawsuit. The culprit turned out to be an adolescent boy, and the bloggers on Virginia's left are "compassionate" he was never reported to Virginia's legal system to face any consequences. He continues to roam the internet as one of Swac Girl's staunch allies. But enough of history let's return to the current modus operandi.)

However, there may be some serious play going on in Virginia's historically notorious right wing blogosphere. Stay tuned for Part 2 in this series.


Clifford Garstang said...

This is great. But now check out Yankee Phil - he's returned from wherever he was hiding and he totally doesn't understand what's going on around him. I'm sure he'll be happy to hear from you.

Mosquito said...

Thanks so much for the heads up...I was watching the comments section on the original post and it was your heads up that let me know YP had replied in a separate post.

I agree with you it seems that YP and his Swac Girl are simply clueless....

Yankee Philip said...

Actually I was out of town, but that is besides the point. I don't hide. Just wanted to say hi, and I am enjoying reading your comments.I seem to have a different view on the events. So be it. I appreciate a good discussion on politics, but I do try to remain civil.

Mosquito said...


First thanks for stating that you were "out of town" that definitely satisfies the curiosity I had about the non response.

You write, "...but I do try to remain civil." Are you implying that I have been "un-civil" with you. If so, please provide the example(s). I realize the internet is not always conducive to “civility” but I strive to be civil. If my attempt to balance civility with “assertive discussion” falls short I’d appreciate the feedback so I can improve my civility skills.

I also appreciate a good discussion and I’m curious why you didn’t proceed to have one with me. When you posted or commented, you didn't respond to my questions. This made it easy for me to assume that a good discussion was not your intention. I’ll lay my assumption aside and repost my questions.

Are your personal standards of credibility satisfied by relying on the Daily Mail as your single source? You made it a point to bring up the bias question concerning the BBC, did it occur to you to check for bias of the source you were using?

I question the credibility of your UK Blog postings. It’s "tiresome" when my questions are ignored and you stated that folks were yelling at you. I also question the truthfulness of this statement. I don’t recall any “caps” to convey yelling and screaming from any of the comments. Why did you post on your blog that folks were yelling at you?

My last question is this. When you err in your blog posts will you be post a correction?

So, YP, if you are up for a discussion here's your opportunity.


Yankee Philip said...

Anon was the uncivil one actually.
Did u see my update on original post? Does that meet the standards of correction?LOL
The point I was making with that blog entry had very little to do with the UK. It was to show how many in this world are being deluded into a revisionist view of history.
The holocaust didnt happenis just one of the many fabrications that some people are spreading. If we dont remember history, etc....

Yankee Philip said...

I said they were yelling.
They yelled,"Your facts are wrong!" They yelled, "What are your sources?" Can anyone actually yell when they type? I meant that I could feel the vigor in the comments.

Mosquito said...

Hey YP--

FYI- An exclamation point is simply an exclamation. On the internet YELLING IS DENOTED IN CAPITAL LETTERS.

By the way there was nothing inappropriate to point out that your facts were wrong! They were.
I'm sure you felt the vigor in their comments....Your original post was vigorous. Nothing wrong with "well placed" vigor YP. Remember it's a common expectation folks to ask what source or sources you are using. That's a standard tool to determine credibility. credible.

Here at Mosquito Blog, if I discover I have erred, I post a correction clearly and directly acknowledging my error. The post may even carry an apology.

Obviously I read your second post (if that's the post you are referring to.) In that post I did not see an admission of error.

It's your blog and you will develop (or not) your own standards for credibility and correcting something on your blog.

Happy New Year YP, Anonymous and anyone else reading this....I'm so glad I can sleep in tomorrow.