Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A Canadian Tale For Americans Today

I keep hearing that this next Presidential Election is being referred to as "The Perfect Storm." I surely hope so. Out of all the Presidential candidates from both sides of the isle I can think of only three candidates who are seem as small mice....but they have grand ideas. On the Democratic side the candidate with the greatest ideas is Dennis Kucinich. The only other Democratic candidate with a decent idea for this country is John Edwards.

The Republicans have a little mouse with a few ideas--Ron Paul.

No surprise that the corporate FAT CATS who own our media do everything they can to minimize these candidates....the only candidates who have any idea what life is like for over 90% of the people in this country.

It's time to stop electing the FAT CATS who make up the top 1-2% of our nation. If the parties refuse to nominate one of these candidates my Perfect Storm will consist of a write in name for my ballot....

It appears that both parties are "owned" by corporations. I "hope" that the Democrats are able to keep fighting the temptation...they still have a decent number of representatives willing to fight for our civil liberties, our environment, and Fair Trade. If not....Hopefully, within the next ten-15 years a viable mouse party is going to emerge...I am tired of being disappointed with the parties that are currently running Washington.

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