Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The 60's Phenomenon

It's amazing to look back at the phenomenal sixties and to see how far trendsetting the youth were. The Beatles started music video before it even had a name....and the passionate youth gathered together, united in such large groups to hear the "visionary" music of our generation and IMAGINED how to make a better world.

No wonder the powers that be decided that our music had to be this day and time, with the way the majority of people feel about Iraq and George Bush don't you find it "mind blowing" that the peace songs have been banned from our radio stations? First, Clearwater banned the Dixie Chicks (and then promised Congress they would not abuse their use of OUR airwaves again.) Of course, Clearwater lied. Despite high sales, Clearwater has refused to play Springsteen's latest album....Pink's Dear Mr. President, as you already know, is getting no airplay.

And our FCC, funded by our tax dollars, instead of regulating the corporations, INCREASED their monopolies and the corporations propaganda power last month. The FCC acted against the wishes of the overwhelming majority of the American people AND our Congress.

You know we need a revolution...

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