Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Beat the Drums....Progressive Bloggers Head to Floydfest

Progressive Bloggers:

Think about packing up your camping gear and heading to Floydfest 6 July 24-27. If you don't have camping gear post a comment to Star....she'll help you connect with others to get the items you need, and answer questions you may have about the event.

This is the greatest event for progressives to re-charge their batteries. From my experience, you'll have a big smile on your face the entire time you are there.

If you act quickly you could get a souvenir package and arrive in time to do workshops for progressive bloggers throughout Thursday afternoon. It's the perfect place for progressive bloggers from VA and elsewhere to re-charge our batteries, neywork, listen to lots of great music, and have loads of fun.

Most (if not all of us at Mosquito Blog) will be there...

Written by Star Womanspirit (butMosquito is posting due to my computer glitch :)

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