Saturday, January 12, 2008


There was nothing wrong with the exit polls folks. (BTW, there was nothing wrong with the exit polls in 2000 in FLA and 2004 in Ohio.)

The Election Defense Alliance reports the following discrepancies between the electronic machine totals and the hand count totals:

Clinton Optical scan 91,717 52.95%
Obama Optical scan 81,495 47.05%

Clinton Hand-counted 20,889 47.05%
Obama Hand-counted 23,509 52.95%

No wonder Barack Obama's supporters were so stunned at the election results. They "knew" their candidate had won....looks like they were right to be stunned.

Amazing that it was Dennis Kucinich, not Barack Obama, who requested the recount. The wrong candidate is being featured by the Corporate Media.

Speaking of the Corporate Media. Only two days ago, NBC invited Dennis Kucinich to participate in the network's January 15 Democratic Presidential Debate. NBC has suddenly decided to "dis invite" Dennis Kucinich, thereby declaring him a "loser." Is this the payback for the New Hampshire Ballot recount. Looks like Kucinich is threatening the powers behind the curtain. The public needs to hear much more from this candidate than the corporate media is allowing. Why should the corporate media have so much power to decide what candidates get to use "our" public platform. This decision should no longer be left in the hands of corporate elites controlling "our" media.

It would really be slap in the face of democracy if Barack Obama and John Edwards show up for that Presidential debate without Dennis Kucinich being allowed to participate.

I'm including John Edwards because he has already been on the losing end of a presidential election, lost in Ohio, and his running mate, John Kerry, neglected to question the Ohio votes...which also confounded the exit polls.

No one knows who is behind whatever occurred to create these discrepancies. However, it has been well established that electronic voting can be manipulated. One manipulation actually "switches" the totals and it looks like that is what occurred in New Hampshire. There hasn't been time to discover who may be behind the election rigging in New Hampshire.

The stolen New Hampshire elections gave Hillary Clinton's campaign an illegal shot in the arm. Hopefully, the news of this stolen primary will expose the threat to our democracy I expect that Americans will not take the news of what happened in New Hampshire lightly.

At the very least, America deserves a President who will stand up and do what's necessary to insure that our elections are honest and democratic. Hillary Clinton is yelling that we should look at actions not words. The actions of Dennis Kucinich speak volumes.

I'll be sending Dennis Kucinich a campaign contribution to help offset the costs of this voter recount. We at least need his voice and his wisdom to continue in this presidential campaign. I wonder if Barack Obama, who is sitting on a pile of money, will do the right thing and at least offer to pay for the recount in New Hampshire.


Cargosquid said...

Diebold machines supporting Clinton? I thought Diebold was part of the Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy. They are going to have to turn in their membership cards RIGHT NOW!

Mosquito said...

Even the infamous Karl Rove is supporting Hillary Clinton being the Democratic nominee. Why? Who knows...but it maybe that they are pushing for the candidate that they believe they can defeat in Nov. 2008.

I am sickened that we currently have a voting process that no one can truly validate the results.

This is something we need to correct asap. I would like to be able to trust the results of our elections and know that whatever candidate "wins" it is truly the case.

ng2000 said...

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