Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Danny Glover Speaks Out

Danny Glover is simply stating the obvious...LISTEN to what John Edwards is saying, where he has come from and what he's done in his life. He's the most viable presidential contender who has a RECORD of taking on the corporations....unlike Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama. Obama's record with corporations still has to play out but Hillary Clinton earned the nickname "Corporate Girl" because she know what she needs to do to raise big bucks from her corporate donors.

So at least take the time to give Edwards and his proposals an honest hearing. If you have to work for a living, or have to live a balanced life within a balanced budget to make ends meet...I think you will like what you hear.

Danny Glover is on my very short list of who I'd love to meet over dinner and converse with. I've long admired him as being a true grass roots activist who cares about the average American who has to earn money to support their family.


Archie said...

Glover, the man whose movies are financed by Chavez of Venezuela?

Edwards, the poster boy for wealthy corporate America?


Clifford Garstang said...

Archie is giving us a sample of the simple-minded junk the conservatives will throw at Edwards when he wins the nomination, which I'm beginning to think he will do. They don't have anything of substance to say, so they make stuff up. Great, Archie - what else have you got?

Archie said...

Simple minded? Check your facts, Cliff. Check Edwards' Senate record; check who is funding Glover's movies.

Disagree with me with facts rather than name-calling. Try research Cliff.

BTW, what factual things do YOU know about either glover or Edwards, and no using their own PR!

Mosquito said...


One of the reasons I'm pro-Edwards is because I strongly believe he will take on the corporate influence that is ruining our democracy.

So I dispute your claim that Edwards is the Corporate Poster Boy. I do want you to back that statement up, hopefully with something substantial.

It's funny but I think Corporate Poster Boy could be applied to most of the candidates running for office from both parties....The tragedy in our country is that it is rare to find a candidate who isn't a Corporate Poster Boy or Girl. Our system (surprise) is "set up" so that huge amounts of money is needed for anyone wishing to run for office on a national level....This allows corporations to buy and control our government. Can you tell I'm a staunch advocate for campaign finance reform?

Interesting, Archie, but you and I both may share the same concern of corporations having too much influence in our "democratic" government on all levels--federal, state, and local. Is this a correct assumption on my end?

You are correct on the facts about the Venezuelan parliament financing a future movie with Danny Glover. Surprisingly, Venezuela actually has a movie production company that will benefit from this alliance with Danny Glover's new film. Are you inferring that this is wrong, bad, and could be used to smear Danny Glover's good name and character?

I'll let Danny Glover speak for himself on that-- here's an excerpt from an interview:

Interviewer--Are you ever concerned about the toll that your activism might take on your career?
Glover: No. I tell people, “You can’t tell me who I can talk to. You can’t tell me what I can talk about. You can’t pick my friends. And in a democracy, you can’t tell me that I can’t talk about real issues.” They attacked us for being against the war, even though everybody’s against the war now. Today, a cat who’s in favor of the war is an anomaly. My critics have taken to attacking my relationships, but they have nothing to say about the substance of what I’ve had to say about the state of education, or about what’s happening with working people and in New Orleans. They don’t want to talk about that.

Interviewer: Yeah, they’ve been condemning you for your relationship with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.
Glover: Look here. Here’s a man who has African blood in him with whom I share things in common, such as how we feel about poor people. How come I can’t talk to him? How come he can’t be my friend? How come he can’t be my brother? Because you say he can’t? Because you don’t like him? (Source)

On Chavez himself?
Here, in the United States, the corporate media has painted Hugo Chavez as a devil dictator....when in fact he has won approximately 11 elections in nine years to be the leader of Venezuela. I seriously doubt that Bush could match that record if "we" had been allowed to have referendum votes on him....The majority of Americans wish they had an opportunity to have a "recall" election of this Bush/Cheney regime.

Quite frankly I can recall many examples of George Bush acting more like a dictator in a well established democracy than anything the "corporate establishment" in this country is trying to smear Hugo Chavez with. The Venezuelan people have a much higher rate of satisfaction with Hugo Chavez as their leader when compared to the satisfaction of Americans with George Bush.
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Star Womanspirit said...

Archie....I've looked at Edward's Senate record. I find your statement (that Edwards is a corporate poster boy) to be false.

As far as trying to tar Danny Glover by linking him with Chavez...IF only President Bush exemplified Democracy so well.

The people of Venezuela have voted for Chavez 11 times in the past nine years. In their country when there is a controversy it's easy to have a recall election. With the American people's anger and the low opinion that Americans have given for Bush's per formance...It's easy to say that George Bush would not urvive one (much less multiple "recall elections) during his second term." OOPS...I need to preface that...IF the elections we held in this country were "verifiable" and could not be stolen then Bush would have already been kicked out of the White House years ago.

Clifford Garstang said...

What names did I call you? Answer: none. I did say that your criticism of Edwards was simple-minded, because it is. You called him a childish name with nothing to back it up. I think you're the one who needs to look at facts. As for Glover, I didn't say you were wrong about film financing; it's a bit of trivia that I find meaningless. I'm a little more concerned about the Saudi royal family's direct connection to the Bush election campaigns than I am about some movie.