Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Paul Loeb and I seem to be in the same boat. We are currently supporting two presidential contenders--Obama and Edwards. Both of us are wondering who we will end up voting for. (I may even be in worst straits....my heart continues to cry out for Dennis Kucinich. I know without a doubt that Dennis is the best presidential candidate. (But, at this time, due to factors such as our biased corporate media, I'm not able to see Kucinich as able to dispell the corporate media myths by November 2009.)

On the Obama side is charisma and momentum that reminds me of Robert Kennedy. New voters and independents are filling his tent. He can raise our hopes in a time when our hopes need raising and he might be able to unify this country so we can once again be the UNITED States of America.

But there are valid reasons to support John Edwards. His positions on health care, poverty, and fighting corporate influence are stronger than Obama's. Edwards will not hesitate to fight the "malefactors of great wealth" that currently dominate our government. We have entered a new era where robber barons are on the rampage and Edwards is speaking out strongly against them. We need more folks to fight for the public's interests. Edwards also took a strong stand on the Iraq War before Obama did.

I love Obama's message of hope and how he can inspire us, but Edwards gives us the real, unadulterated picture...of what it means for a country as rich as America to leave so many people without health care, decent jobs, and a future.

According to Paul Loeb:

So I was delighted when Obama and Edwards beat [Cinton] in the Iowa caucuses. But that doesn't mean Edwards should necessarily drop out. His presence pushes Obama to deal with the hard issues of power and wealth in America--ones that, to be honest, Obama has too often skated over in recent years. If voters do develop reservations about Obama, Edwards offers a strong alternative. While Edwards obviously remains a distinct longshot, his numbers are strong enough that voters deserve at least a chance to further weigh his promise--he's more than just a symbolic candidate. And I do want to see Obama tested just at least a bit more before we hand him the nomination.

On a national level a surge has begun for John Edwards. The Rasmussen poll shows Hillary dropping 7 points to 36%, Barack gains one point for 25%, and John Edwards gained 9 points to 23%. Maybe John Edwards is the known commodity so he is in a good position to gain wayward Hillary supporters. Maybe the polls showing Edwards is the only Democratic candidate who can defeat all the Republican contenders is attractive to Hillary's former supporters.

I want John Edwards to stay in the race. Since Edwards, unlike Obama, is not relying on corporate funding for this race it is up to folks like me to help him remain in the race. It's important for many reasons for the Edwards campaign to continue. We need the dialogue to continue on what a rich country like America should be doing for all it's citizens...instead of no dialogue while our treasury continues to be drained by Dick Cheney, George Bush and their "elite" cronies. I hope you will also consider sending a campaign contribution to the John Edwards campaign.

Who knows maybe the Democratic party will end up with a dream ticket of Edwards/Obama or Obama/Edwards ticket? I just hope their mutual policy platform more closely resembles Edwards current policies stands if they should merge into one ticket.

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