Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Eight Questions Reporters Should Ask Clinton

And not a single one about race!

According to Todd Gitlin at the Columbia Journalism Review:
Questions for Hillary Clinton

1. Richard Holbrooke, one of your chief foreign policy supporters, wrote in 2005 that the “Global War on Terror” “is not an accurate description of America’s enemy or of what we are engaged in.” But you use the term “war on terror.” Why?

2. Do you propose to preserve American bases in Iraq?

3. Are you prepared to renounce the Bush Doctrine, which permits preventive war? If the answer is “yes,” how do you square that with your vote to brand Iran’s Revolutionary Guards a “terrorist organization,” and your refusal to take military action against Iran “off the table”?

4. In 1999, your husband withdrew the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty from Senate consideration in the belief that the Senate would not vote to ratify it by the necessary two-thirds vote. Do you anticipate being able to work with the Senate to pass such a treaty, or indeed any arms control treaty? How would you persuade dissenters?

5. Which of the Bush administration’s privacy-invading and government secrecy measures do you reject?

6. To what extent should the money saved by phasing out American combat operations in Iraq be used to reduce the deficit, and to what extent should it be used for creating jobs, environmentally sensible investments, and social programs?

7. One of your chief economic advisers, Gene Sperling, has written that “there are goals—banning child labor in our factories; preventing racial, religious, and gender discrimination in the workforce—that require direct intervention in the market regardless of their efficiency or economic impact.” Is government support for the organizing of unions among the “direct interventions” you favor?

8. Do you believe that the protection of drug company patents is a responsibility of the federal government?

Research assistance by Michael Meyer


Doug in Mount Vernon said...

Another good one would be:

Why are you refusing to commit to outright repeal of the DOMA law that makes it illegal for the federal government to recognize legally married gay couples as any state may choose to recognize? Your two major competitors for the nomination have both committed to full repeal of the DOMA law, when you have not, preferring only to repeal a section that prevents granting a federal level benefits to such couples, while although a good step, still leaves gay or lesbian married couples with a second-class status marriage that could not be recognized in other states were they to move?

Why aren't more GLBT voters calling you out on this discrepancy?

Mosquito said...

Hopefully she will be called out on this...the Clinton's are the ones who sold out their lesbian/gay allies with that horrible don't ask don't tell law.

The Clinton's aren't for real change they are corporate status quo...word is starting to go around that Clinton' is getting out of his business dealings with Dubai...and he'll be walking away with around 20 million dollars in severance pay...bet the corporate media won't want to expoe their corporate girl status quo candidate....


Anonymous said...

why would we want bill back in the white house he had no respect for it last time, since hillary can't control her husband I won't trust her with the country