Sunday, January 06, 2008

Here We Go Again...So Much for the Imaginary War on Drugs

In America, the "connected" make a fortune importing drugs into our country while the "average" American consumers of these drugs end serving large prison sentences instead of participationg in drug rehabilitation programs (if their health condition merits this.)

In the meantime, the taxpayer gets bilked for this imaginary war on drugs (especially when it comes to prison costs) and now Blackwater wants to get even more of our taxpayer dollars by becoming fighters in our imaginary drug war.

When is enough enough?

We need to put the big villains in prison or at least drive them out of business. The war on drugs needs a serious assessment by the taxpayer who is getting bilked. Many Americans end up behind bars for nonviolent crimes. Let's demand that a task force be set up to study all the options. They may even come to the conclusion that our imaginary drug wars provides a huge funding supply of money for terrorists. Maybe, just maybe, we should at least sell marijuana at ABC stores, where it won't be sold to minors, and the profits could be used to finance government programs, such as drug rehab that is needed in our country.

There's more info and video concerning the CIA drug connections (past and present) courtesy of brasschecktv.

Is anyone surprised that our corporate media is ignoring this story?

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Mosquito said...

First the video didn't go up when I published the post and now I get two videos instead of one....

Wierd.....maybe a weird glitch is what caused this plane to crash in the first place. At least the CIA has been exposed once again for being evildoers....When is something going to be done to stop the corruption?