Monday, February 04, 2008

The Buzz--Major GeoPolitical Events in Middle East

Cross-section of a submarine communications cable.


2--"Mylar" tape

3--Stranded metal "Steel" wires
4--Aluminum water barrier
6--Copper or aluminum tube
7--Petroleum jelly
8--Optical fibers

The Buzz in the Middle East is that the internet has been intentionally cut add fuel to this fire both Israel and Iran are not affected by the current internet blackout. "Large areas of the Middle East, Asia. Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain, Pakistan and India, are all experiencing severe problems.According to, Iran has been completely cut off from the Internet, though Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's blog can still be accessed." (Source) speculates that skepticism was deserved with one cable being cut by a ship's anchor...You'd think the developers would have planned for such an occurrence (and they have.) Now four separate cables in different locations have been cut. Even more bizarre is the fact that Israel and Iran are the only two countries in the Middle East that aren't affected. Dr. Richard Sauder speculates that this is a Zionist Neo Con aggressive act of war against Iran. Sauder's theory encompasses the ability of the U.S. Navy to blakout the world wide web:
For the uninitiated it seems bizarre and unlikely, but the plain fact of the matter is that American military divers really go out onto the seabed from special submarines outfitted with airlocks and they actually cut undersea communications cables-- then patch in sophisticated surveillance equipment -- then they splice the cables back together. That is if the motive is espionage. If the purpose of the operation is garden variety sabotage, then simply cutting the cable suffices. It's like something out of a spy novel thriller, but the U.S. Navy really does have submarines and deep diving, special operations personnel who specialize in precisely this sort of operation. So cutting a few undersea cables in two or three days is well within the operational capabilities of the United States Navy. (Source)
Khaleej Times Online reports that Egypt's communications ministry states that no ship caused their outage:

The transport ministry added that footage recorded by onshore video cameras of the location of the cables showed no maritime traffic in the area when the cables were damaged....The area is also marked on maps as a no-go zone and it is therefore ruled out that the damage to the cables was caused by ships....

Two cables were damaged earlier this week in the Mediterranean sea and another off the coast of Dubai, causing widespread disruption to Internet and international telephone services in Egypt, Gulf Arab states and South Asia.

A fourth cable linking Qatar to the United Arab Emirates was damaged on Sunday causing yet more disruptions, telecommunication provider Qtel said.

Folks in the middle east are worried that this internet blackout maybe the precursor to an American attack on Iran. Some people in the U.S. are worried that the Pentagon may cut on internet service in parts of the U.S. ( or the entire U.S.) in order to control information. This soundx outrageous until you read what the Pentagon says about the internet.

The Pentagon's Information Operations Roadmap Information Operations Roadmap is blunt about the fact that an internet, with the potential for free speech, is in direct opposition to their goals. The internet needs to be dealt with as if it were an enemy "weapons system".....

"When implemented the recommendations of this report will effectively jumpstart a rapid improvement of CNA [Computer Network Attack] capability." - 7 "

Enhanced IO [information operations] capabilities for the warfighter, including: ... A robust offensive suite of capabilities to include full-range electronic and computer network attack..." [emphasis mine] - 7(Source)

Bottom Line--This is one way to control information in the Middle East for at least a few weeks. Wonder what the "instigators" are planning to do within the next few weeks.

We still have to fight to keep the corporations from trying to "own OUR web" and internet neutrality is not being talked about by either the Democrats nor Republicans. Now we have the Pentagon with plans to take over the net and control information.

It looks like there are some big fights ahead for those of us who cherish our freedom of speech.

Hopefully, enough government heads are questioning why this blackout has occurred and there will be no invasion of Iran and these cables will soon be fixed.


Mac said...

Very astute of you, Mosquito, to pick up on this. FOUR SEVERED CABLES!? This is so obviously a covert op that it is laughable, but there is a great danger that these morons will now do something outrageous, like attacking Iran. If they were just trying to permanently tap into the Internet, well, everyone is alerted to that possibility now and will develop counter-strategies.

Here is what the Wayne Madsen Report ( had to say about this:

February 4, 2008 -- Middle Eastern submarine cables under attack

publication date: Feb 3, 2008
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February 4, 2008 -- Middle Eastern submarine cables under attack

Parties, as yet unknown, are subjecting undersea cables that carry Internet and phone traffic to repeated attacks. After three cables were cut, two off of Alexandria, Egypt and a third, the FLAG FALCON ring cable, between Dubai and Oman in the Persian Gulf, a fourth cable cut was reported on January 3 between Qatar's Haloul island and the United Arab Emirates island of Das, also in the Gulf.

Contrary to previous reports in the corporate media, Egypt's Communications and Information Technology Ministry said the two cables that were severed near Alexandria last week, FLAG Telecom and SEA-Me-We4, were not cut by the anchors of ships. Egyptian authorities examined photographic footage of the restricted maritime area and no ships were seen 12 hours before and 12 hours after the time of the cable cuts.

Time-domain reflectometers are used to calculate the exact location of cable faults and the times at which they occur.

Only two countries have been unscathed by the four submarine cable cuts: Israel and U.S.-occupied Iraq. Intelligence sources are reporting that Israel and/or the United States are being blamed by Internet users in countries from Egypt to the Gulf and Iran to India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka for committing sabotage against the cables and causing the resulting Internet disruption.

Speculation about an attack on the submarine fiber optics cables has some merit. The Joint Information Operations Planning Handbook, issued by the Joint Command, Control, and Information Warfare School of the Joint Forces Staff College in Norfolk, Virginia in July 2003, stated the following about physical destruction of information technology assets:

"In theory, the last resort in the commander’s choice of assets, destruction should be considered, just like the “soft kill” IO [Information Operations] capabilities as a viable choice for conducting IO. Again, ROE (Rules of Engagement] will play a major role in determining if destruction is available during a particular phase of an operation. Destruction must be supported by other capabilities and related activities of IO. At a minimum, IO planners should consider supporting destruction with PSYOP [Psychological warfare Operations] and Public Affairs."

First accounts, reported widely by the global corporate media, that the Mediterranean cuts off Egypt and the cut of the Dubai to Oman cable, were that they were caused by ships' anchors. This now appears to have been a disinformation campaign, one that fits neatly into the Pentagon's information operations doctrine.
The Pentagon's doctrine on spreading false information is stated as follows in the IO Planning Handbook: "Counterpropaganda consists of specific PSYOP and/or Public Affairs activities aimed at countering hostile PSYOP or propaganda directed towards the United States, its allies or coalition partners, their individual and collective military forces, and friendly populations. Counter-propaganda activities must be carefully formulated and closely coordinated between the joint force commander’s PSYOP and Public Affairs organizations."

The following represent the Pentagon's information technology targets. Transmitters, receiver, and antenna are all considered fair game. "Wetware" is the human-IT interface.


Mosquito said...

IF another country killed our internet I bet the U.S. government would consider this an act of war.

It surely seems that some things should remain sacred and be left untouched even during times of war....OUR OWN FREEDOM OF SPEECH IS THREATENED BY OUR PENTAGON....

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