Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Cable Cuts up to Six Now - Ominous

Is there a cable chewing whale out there, racing across oceans to appease his habit, perhaps even Moby Dick still trying to destoy Captain Ahab and mistaking the thick cables for his one good leg, or is, realistically speaking, active sabatoge going down for some malevalent purpose, such as an attack on Iran. Time will tell. They are starting to repair some of the cables this week, so if something is going down, it will go down soon.

Or perhaps, James Bond's SMERSH really exists, and they are getting ready to blackmail the planet.

Here is a news update from The Wayne Madsen Report (source):

February 6, 2008 -- Cable cuts now up to six
publication date: Feb 6, 2008

After four submarine cables carrying Internet and phone traffic were cut, two off of Alexandria, Egypt and two in the Persian Gulf, two additional cable cuts are now being reported, another in the Gulf off Iran and the other off the western coast of Malaysia.

.......The report continued, "Contrary to previous reports in the corporate media, Egypt's Communications and Information Technology Ministry said the two cables that were severed near Alexandria last week, FLAG Telecom and SEA-Me-We4, were not cut by the anchors of ships. Egyptian authorities examined photographic footage of the restricted maritime area and no ships were seen 12 hours before and 12 hours after the time of the cable cuts."

The fifth cable cut reportedly came off the Iranian port of Bandar Abbas and affected the FLAG FALCON ring cable the serves the Persian Gulf. The other cut was on the SeaMeWe-4 cable off the city of Penang, Malaysia.

The six cable cuts are being blamed on a covert sabotage operation. A hundred million users in Iran, India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bangladesh, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Malaysia, and Maldives have been affected by the six verified cable cuts. Since Israel and U.S.-occupied Iraq have been unaffected by the sabotage, Middle East intelligence agencies and computer users are blaming the United States and/or Israel for the attacks.


Mosquito said...

MAC--When you give a wmr link you might want to provide the details in your post b/c I'm not a subscriber so I can't access the link you are sending me too.

Moby Dick makes know I think the US military maybe behind this b/c it doesn't appear that our gov is alarmed by what's happening...and you know how Bush doesn't like anyone els fooling around on his turf. Unless that is part of their plan...maybe they are going to blame Iran for breaking all those cables??? Only some Americans will believe them but maybe that is the point?

Mosquito said...

I'm sorry Mac..I'm on my first cuppa java did include the boo...