Monday, February 11, 2008

Hillary Clinton will NOT release her income tax returns...

The Candidate who loves to say that "I've been fully vetted...." and promotes this as a strength appears to be hiding something. Obama has already released his income tax returns....Clinton refuses to release hers....UNLESS I become the Democratic nominee.

Does Hillary think she can keep us distracted from information like this?

I alway;s thought that Who's got the money? Where the money goes...and Who it ends up with are vital questions that voters need to know in order to make an informed decision.

No one needs a nominee like this. Here's the source.


Anonymous said...

Oh No, this fact is Obama's ace in the hole. Just like Hillairy forced Obama to denounce and reject Min. Farrakane, I think Obama should force to release her taxes before Tuesday's primary. I think the Clinton's have been an image of unenthically practices, she must produce her taxes. If she doesn't produce the taxes, Obama should use that fact to point to how dishonest she is and has been and will be if she is elected as President Of the U.S. I doubt she would make it.

Anonymous said...

Senator Obama should begin pressing her on many things; like why she refuses to release her and Slick Willie's income tax returns. And that she is a friend of John McCain and votes with the Republicans on matters like: the war in Iraq. McCains ideals and her views are not far apart. He should press the fact that; is Bill running for President again after being impeached or is Hillary running for President? And I'd go after his record to shut-him (Bill) down. I'd use that Resko photo of her, Bill, and Resko and say; "somebody's lying." Because Hillary told Matt Lauer that she didn't know Resko. I'd use that photo against them--both!