Wednesday, February 06, 2008


The "buzz buzz" is that the Clinton's are now having to put their own money into the campaign starting at 5 million dollars. (Hillary must be thankful that they have deep pockets and can keep digging in as needed.) Obama supporters have already matched this and then some within the last 24 hours.

I tried to buy shirts and jackets at Obama's website store. They are all sold out and they wouldn't let me buy some really nice stuff that is on back order....I was able to get one back ordered shirt though.

Out of curiosity I visited Hillary's website. They appear to have plenty of shirts and jackets in stock, sitting there, waiting for someone to purchase them. Any business person with sense knows that if you "need money" and your inventory isn't selling you must lower your prices. I wonder when Hillary will be advertising a sale on her items?

Meanwhile, Obama's store is struggling to meet the demand. They have even had to start raising prices.

I have heard of campaigns having to run to their state headquarters to get restocked with bumper stickers and yard signs but I can't remember ever visiting a national campaign website and ALL the t-shirts and jackets sold out....Looks like Obama is making history again! LOL

I've always been told that money talks....It's speaking LOUDLY right now. We, the people are going to keep Obama supplied with enough money so that he will end up being our next President.


bluerager said...

Truer words were never spoken. Money does indeed talk very loudly. I saw this in the news this morning and thought the very same thing. I can't imagine the Clinton machine giving up, but I'm sure they are a little shell shocked that their "inevitable" candidacy is not such a sure thing. Be wary, the delegate count is still dead even. There is work to be done.

Mosquito said...

I'm doing what I can.

IF the Democrats decide to back Clinton they will surely be shooting themselves in the foot once again. But then they will get what they strive for. This independent steadfastly REFUSES to support any candidate that is a status quo corporate minion such as Hillary Clinton.


Poetryman said...

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