Sunday, February 03, 2008

Obama or Clinton--Change or Status Quo?

If you are on the fence deciding between Obama and Clinton consider these factors.

1--Honesty --We've just been through 8 years of a President who we want more? Read this brilliant piece on Hillary's latest lie in The Richmond Democrat.
2-Inability to admit a mistake.--We've been through 8 years of a President who has a big blindspot. He cannot admit an error or a mistake. Sound like someone we know? The last debates, once again, Hillary was given a great opportunity to "admit" her mistake in voting to give President Bush the power to invade Iraq. She could not admit that she'd made a mistake.
3--Divisiveness- -Haven't we had more than enough of this in 8 years. For whatever reason, it appears Hillary's greatest natural talent (maybe because of 1 and 2?) is to divide people...this makes her the "choice" Democratic candidate among the Republicans. Hillary will not be able to unite folks. But we have a GREAT candidate who can.

Barack Obama is NOT more of the same. He can bring the honesty, the ability to admit a mistake, unity, and inspiration back to our white house.

Isn't it time for a real change for the better? We have a clear choice in these two candidates. Hillary will be the status quo, politics a usual, with a ring of corporate lobbyists around her. Barack Obama ha pledged greater transparency in goverenment operations and creating a more inclusive government process for the American people.

Yes it would be great to have a woman as President of the United States. But that's not enough reason to vote for a second rate, status quo candidate that will bring us more of what we are already sick of. When a woman does win the white house (and she will) I would prefer it to be a great, positive experience for our nation and one that will open the doors for more women to run in the future. It will be terrific when our woman candidate really is the best candidate running. But that is not true in this race. The best candidate running is Barack Obama. And he's not running on the history making fact that he will be the first black man in office. He's running on his own merits. This is the moment, the time, to put the best candidate into the White House AND make history at the same time.

It just doesn't get better than that does it? Feminists should have no trouble supporting a man of's a feminist ideal to support people of color. This will only open the door to new candidates and new possibilities because I am positive that Barack Obama is the best candidate for these times.

I'll be phone banking for Obama as much as possible between now and Super Tuesday evening.
I really do want to be able to vote for a Presidential Candidate this election cycle. Unfortunately, my heart and my soul cannot be forced to support Hillary Clinton. I beleve if Hillary makes it as President, this version of "Margaret Thatcher" (she compared herself to Margaret Thatcher) will only make it more difficult for women running in the future.



Anonymous said...

Obama's got some explaining to do:

tome said...

Obama Is Truly Hard On the Eyes

I don't get these women who claim to be having orgasms by fantasizing about Obama. I think they're just trying to prove how liberal they are.

I mean, come on! Have you taken a good look at B.O.? The guy's got purple lips! That skinny frame, that big mole on his nose and those purple lips - blaaaahhhhh!!!!