Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Police Brutality Caught on Tape!

Angela Garbarino gets the Hell beat out of her while handcuffed. (source)

Angie before and after she "fell". (source)

It just doesn't stop! Police brutality is becoming epidemic in America. This Louisiana cop didn't like this woman's combativeness and wailed on her after turning off the camera. Watch this and weep for how far the new quasi-religion of sadism that Bush has ushered into America has embedded itself in our culture. Glorify mass-murder and torture at the top, all cloaked in clever lies and rationalizations, and see what happens more and more down the line: this kind of sordid behavior, also cloaked in a fog of denials. On its own you could say this incident is an anomoly, but we are seeing new incidents weekly, sometimes daily that make you stand up and shout, "What the Hell is going on!"

And then there are the scores of people dying from being Tasered because these massive jolts of electricity disrupt their hearts. Speak up before you yourself get Tasered, beaten to a pulp or framed by cops who have no ethics.

There is an emotional plague gripping America, and it is unleashing our most perverted, sick drives. Where it stops I don't know, but imagine the kind of danger we will all face if we become an actual police state.


Cargosquid said...

Of all things that ARE possible to blame on Bush, police brutality in Louisiana or elsewhere is not one of them. This sort of thing was around WAY before now. Especially in Louisiana. The separation of the police from the populace has been going on for decades. Tasers are just another tool. Before Tasers, there was the night stick.

If this was an ideal world, police would be there to assist in upholding rights and protecting citizens, not enforcing government rules. While catching crooks is admirable, too many are forgetting that they are just another citzen, like us.

J. Tyler Ballance said...

My favorite cousin spent thirty years with the Norfolk PD. He was one of the very rare individuals who never adopted, what is now the ubiquitous, "Us versus Them" mentality, where police view the citizens as potential enemies.

While it is true that there have been very graphic reports of police violence, we should be careful not to draw conclusions on such a small sample size.

Like the few Catholic Priests that molested boys, their small number when compared to the worldwide population of Priests was not a significant number, yet the Press and the Sheeple quickly condemned the entire Church, and many used the debacle as an excuse to abandon their faith.

That all being said, I think that there really is a growing problem where police, allied law enforcement personnel, and prison guards, have taken the post 9-11 hysteria exhibited by the Administration as a green light to do just whatever crosses their minds, when dealing with the citizens. I believe there is a growing danger of the United States degenerating into a police state akin to that which existed in East Germany. Police and others in law enforcement are increasingly from the same small cloister of families who have been in the business for generations. Although there are some very visible efforts to add "diversity" this has been nothing more than another racial/gender quota program that has harmed rather than helped improve the professionalism and competency of our law enforcement personnel.

My suggestion is that guards be more carefully screened and that no person be carried in any law enforcement position for greater than three years. THREE YEARS, and go back out into the real world and compete for a job like the rest of us. That would prevent the growth of the ghestapo culture that seems to be festering in police and allied agencies.

Some will argue that limited tours of duty would mean less professional competency. To this say that it would be a fair trade-off to restore a sense of reality and fairness to our law enforcement community. Three years is plenty for a citizen to serve in law enforcement and, just like a hitch with our Marines, the officer who completes three productive years would be an asset to the community where he returns to learn a new trade or return to an existing one.

Knowing that he would have to return to being one of the regular citizens in three short years would ensure policemen would retain a sense of proportionality and hopefully kindness towards their fellow citizens.

Mac said...

Cargosquid has a valid point, that it is excessive to blame Bush for police brutality directly, but I am trying to say, perhaps not very well, that he has ushered in a climate of fear and cruelty through the so-called War on Terror that is laying fertile ground for these incidents to proliferate. His own intolerance sets a bad tone for those who already have a propensity for violence.

Louisiana has always been a brutal state, but in the past really rank brutality has been confined more to minorities, and was thus more invisible, unfortunately. Now we are seeing middle-class whites being abused across the country more than I can ever remember. It's like a line has been crossed where the population at large is now fair game.

Anonymous said...

i think all police force should have install a small camera in they badges

Star Womanspirit said...

Most of us get very nervous when we are stopped by the police and we are alone....due to abuses of power.

I agree that all police should have a camera on their badges...our cities should pass laws explicitly stating that everyone has the right to videotape police officers and security personnel while they are on the job. And stop the unnecessary police surveillance of taping citizens who are not breaking any laws. That has really gotten out of hand.

I lOVE the idea of a three year stint as a police officer as part of a citizens public service. Really great idea...and it would save lots of money. Of course the best of those citizens could be offered positions as investigators and detectives...


Ajlouny said...

The police are supposed to be there to protect us, right? When the police turn against us, and are allowed to attack and kill or torture citizens without punishment, who will be there to protect us from the police?

Anonymous said...

cops need to be able to do thier job and all I saw was a woman resisting rightful holding and falling on her face. She was probably high as a kite and if officers doing their duty are given such little respect and deal with this sort of people day in a day out, then I think they can be forgiven if they don't handle these people with kid gloves.

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