Monday, March 24, 2008

Corporate Media Distorts the News.

Will the Corporate Media report that their favorite Presidential Contender--John McCain--is breaking the law on campaign finances? Or will they ignore this in the same way they ignored the ignorance he displayed in his "strength"-- foreign policy--when he spoke to the press in Iraq? McCain has made this area on at least three different occasions? McCain is having difficulty identifying the major players in Iraq. He confuses the Sunni's, Shias, and Al Qaeda. Iran has ties with the Shias but is not affiliated with Al Qaeda which has stronger ties with the Sunnis.

Other real news that is ignored involve multiple instances of Hillary Clinton's versions of her "experience" not matching the reality of other participants. Hillary's historical recall of "not" supporting NAFTA has been refuted by other participants. Hillary's alleged foreign policy experiences have been debunked by other participants. Yet Hillary is still repeating and dramatizing her latest fantasy--that she and Chelsea were under sniper attack and bravely risked their lives going where no President could go. She does this knowing that the press corps has footage showing that there was no sniper fire and that a welcoming ceremony took place instead. (I wish the media would show this footage and compare it with Hillary Clinton's account of reality. The comedienne Sinbad stepped up to the plate and let the cat out of the bag. Why does Clinton continue to lie and McCain doesn't bother to correct his errors? They seem confident that the media isn't going to "highlight" their negatives.

Unfortunately the media is not "highlighting" issues when it comes to Clinton and McCain. Instead they want to "highlight" the Rev. Wright, who is not running for president, in a blatant attempt to "throw the kitchen sink" at Barack Obama.

The corporate media has become so biased in it's coverage of Barack Obama that two Fox commentators actually rose to the occasion to be journalists (if only for a moment). Gretchen Carlson and Steve Doocy got so out of hand with their Obama bashing that Brian Kilmeade actually walked off the set during a live broadcast. Chris Wallace was so disgusted by the two hours of Obama bashing and distortion of Obama's "typical white person remark" that Wallace called Gretchen Carlson and Steve Doocy out for their outrageous behavior. Wallace asked them to move on to the real news of the day....for example, Richardson's endorsement of Obama. Gretchen Carlson and Steve Doocy are sell outs willing to repeat whatever story line their corporate bosses pay them to say. The hell with the truth when it comes to characters like these. The FCC should force Fox to have a "this is not true; this is not news" disclaimer on whenever Carlson or Doocy are on the air.

Americans are tired of the guilt by association that the media is constantly throwing at Obama. We realize that all of us have imperfect friends, family, business associates, political associates. This type of media tactic means that no one is safe from being smeared by corporate media. It does not mean we are criminals if we have a friend who is in jail, or is an ex con. Thank heavens their audience continues to drop. Many folks are searching for alternative news sources that are more respectable than the current corporate media news outlets.

Why doesn't the corporate media get it? We are asking them for fair balanced coverage of ALL the Presidential contenders. Don't bash Obama and his religion and ignore the pertinent question on religion surrounding both Hillary Clinton and John McCain. Report the issues so we know what's going on and then move on to the other important issues like ECONOMICS, ENVIRONMENT (has the media asked any candidate "anything" about the nuclear issue (pro's and cons) and covered the rapid developments in alternative energy?? HEALTHCARE--IRAQ (which they often fail at giving us a big picture with the whole story of what's going on.....) and so on...

Unfortunately, the owners of corporate media do get it. They prefer to give us news that is biased with a corporate slant so that they can continue to get rich at our expense. Unfortunately, if we want to live in a functional democracy we need to get some reliable, ethical journalists to provide us sound, reliable information so that we can all make well informed decisions when we cast our votes. The Fairness Doctrine helped curb biased corporate media reports. I think The Fairness Doctrine needs to be reinstated and enforced asap. That would help curb some of the excesses.

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Mac said...

We live in the Matrix, an obscene artificial construct built upon deceit that daily drugs us, through the media, into numbness about the horrors this system perpetrates on humanity. It attacks our souls and disconnects our spirits, making us cogs in the machinery wheels of the death and torture culture, a culture that can only implode upon itself with increasing regularity.