Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Corporate Media Promotes Hillary Clinton

Where's the objectivity among the women I know who are supporting Hillary Clinton? Most of the feminists I know are supporting Barack Obama but a few of the older ones are staunch Hillary supporters. They are celebrating Hillary's great victory from yesterday. Well, "my friends," if the bar is lowered enough anyone can come out with a "victory." If the bar is lifted high enough on your opponent any "winner" will face defeat. A few weeks ago all the media pundits AND Hillary's own campaign stated she had to win Ohio and Texas by 65% in order to catch up to Barack Obama. She did not come close. But they have once again changed the rules, moved the goal posts further down the field an the media is gleefully playing along. Nothing like watching the Democratic party set itself up once again to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

The saddest thing of alll. I can't recall another time when a democratic candidate stated that the Republican candidate (which one of them will face in the fall) is more qualified than. Yes, Hiillary's low down campaigning is putting her and McCain as better for the security of our country.

I am ashamed that the first woman running for the presidency of the U.S. is doing it by "crying," whining, playing the victim card, and using Rovian tactics. Yes I feel stronglly about this. I am watching the ultimate corporate girl establishment insider lie through her teeth again and again..... Time and again the Clintons make promises and then don't keep them when they aren't politically expedient. How can any self respecting lesbian or gay would continue to support the Clinton's? The Clinton presidency promised that an executive order would be issued that would allow lesbians and gays to serve in the military openly. There was nothing that could have prevented this. Instead Bill Clinton caved in and created the awful Don't Ask Don't Tell police. National, single payee, health care was promised. Hillary was put in charge of that program. I still wonder why she was ever criticized because her main consultants on that program were HMO and insurance industry executives. Please folks give me a break.

Hillary's behavior during this campaign has been awful. Says a lot about her character and her truthfulness. She claims to be fully vetted....there's nothing about Hillary left to be discovered. Yet she refuses to release her income tax returns....Obama's tax records were released long ago. The records of her as "first lady" have also been kept under lock and key. Now, she can conveniently state that they have to be approved by the Bush White House....I'm sure George will be more than happy to okay their release AFTER the democratic primaries. So Hillary can NOT be fully vetted without her income tax returns.

Hillary claims to be the more competent candidate for run the US Govt and get things done. She's done a horrible job with her campaign from choosing the wrong people, to having her campaign be in disarray time and time again. Ready to govern from day one? Hillary wasn't ready to run for President from day one. Give me a break folks!!

Hillary has the "experience" of two previous presidential campaigns with Bill. Yet her campaign has been outperformed by Barack Obama on his first try. So much for the experience versus inexperience argument.

Condi Rice and George Bush both had the report titled "Al Queda ready to attack the United States," weeks before 9/11. They had other warnings which they neglected to see or ignored...or maybe they just judged this stuff as unimportant. The chair of Hillary Clinton's Senate Intelligence Committee told her that he was voting against war because of what was in that report. Hillary did NOT read the report and voted for the war. So much for her statements about "hard work." She couldn't be bothered to read a vital 90 page report that would have given her the necessary information to giver her a chance to exercise sound judgement.

Personally I would love a woman president. But I don't want a woman president who will say anything to get elected and then sell me out without a second thought once she is in office.'s amazing the charges about the press being out to get her....The CORPORATE media wants Hillary to means hundreds of millions of dollars in campaign ads for them. The corporate media wants the status quo to remain in Washington. That will be guaranteed with a McCain vs. Clinton presidential run in the fall.

The corporate media DID throw some awful sexist stuff at Hillary Clinton. Interesting that this is what they chose to do...because if anything this just strengthens her support while making it appear the press is out to get her. IF the press was properly vetting Clinton they would keep bringing up those tax returns that Hillary Clinton refuses to release. She could easily release returns from 2007 tomorrow with one phone call to her accountant. They would also investigate her Senate record as thoroughly as they've been studying Barack Obama's years in the Illinois Senate and the U.S. Senate. It should be easier to do Hillary's legislative record...she hasn't had the years of experience that Barack Obama has as a lawmaker on the state and federal levels.

Most astounding of all, the corporate media would not allow Hillary Clinton to keep changing th goal posts so that she can claim an amazing victory. Talk about turning reality upside down and on it's head.

Barack Obama is the wild card. He arose from the grass roots. Ever wonder about the power of the media? Watch it in action now....You are watching the power of the Corporations versus the power of the media. No matter how many campaign ads you can afford to buy they cannot compete with the power of the corporate media. They are gunning for Barack Obama and have been gunning for him all along. They have simply come up empty handed. The Project for Excellence in Journalism has concluded a study, "Press Takes a Harder Look at Obama -- and Itself", that verifies that the media has given Hillary the free ride while it has intensely scrutinized Barack Obama. So Hillary is now going to supply "dirt" without verification for the press to throw at Barack Obama.

I challenge everyone to ALWAYS keep an eye out on the corporate media. Better yet, use alternative sources on dish satellite such as FSTV and LINK stations. Use the internet to get info from independent journalists at sites such as

I am also hoping my feminist friends who so ardently support Hillary Clinton will regain some of the objectivity and critical thinking I know they are capable of.


Mike Belgrove said...

I woke up this morning to see a fellow Highbrid Nation writer reporting that Hillary has won the Ohio and Texas primaries and how this is getting bad. And like him I feel like this battle between Obama and Hillary has went on too long and now they are in danger of hurting the party by allowing McCain to take shots at them while they are dealing with each other. Howard Dean should step in and say “Look, Obama is going to be the canidate and Hillary you can be his running mate if you choose”…I know I know that would never happen but a guy can dream right?

Mosquito said...

We think the same way Mike....I fear that Hillary is too egotistical to do anything less than hold the Democratic party hostage demanding that she be the pres and barrack the vp.....

A Red Mind in a Blue State said...

Maybe the Clintons don't want to release their returns 'cause Bill made money on cattle futures from Tyson!

Mosquito said...

oh it's worse than that....Bill has made money helping uranium companies make deals with foreign nations that have horrible human rights records....etc etc....Lots of foreign influence is hidden in those records I bet!!