Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Corporate Media Propaganda Promoting Hillary Clinton's Campaign

The world seems to have gone topsy turvy overnight. Previously, the corporate media was going easy on Hillary Clinton and failing to push her on the Income Tax Return issue and failing to label her campaign as a loss in spite of the fact that Clinton cannot hope to catch up with Obama short of landslide victories in Texas and Ohio. This was acknowledged even by the Clinton campaign until recently...but we know the flip flopping Clinton campaign will lower their bar and heighten the Obama bar every chance they get.

The madness is that the media has gone beyond handling Hillary Clinton with kid gloves. They are now actively promoting Hillary Clinton's campaign while bashing Obama at every turn. Lots of progressives are saying the corporate media loves a horse race and this is the reason for the media spin.

I believe there are two major reasons the media has flipped and it's not because the media loves a horse race. The media stands to make record breaking profits if they promote the lame duck Hillary . If the political pundits can keep the campaign funds rolling in I wonder what their bonuses will amount to? Obama represents the grass roots and Hillary Clinton--the Corporate Girl--is the ultimate Washington insider. The corporate elitists and their lobbyists want a Presidential race between McCain and Clinton...they know they can control these two candidates.

Rush Limbaugh has joined the fray and is recruiting his Texas listeners to go out and vote for Hillary Clinton. Did anyone ever predict this? The Republicans are desperately trying to derail the Obama train because they know McCain has a fighting chance pitting his experience against Hillary's meager experience. McCain has a lot more years in the Senate than Hillary. Heck, Obama has more legislative experience than Hillary but the media does not tout his experience in the Illinois Senate where he sponsored major legislation.

McCain will have a field day with Clinton's incompetent, mismanaged campaign. He will be able to raise many questions about her judgement, character, and competency. Questions the media won't touch with a ten foot pole. It's just not profitable for the media to report fairly on the Clinton candidacay.

No matter how much Obama raises for political advertisements these advertisements can not compete with the spin fo the corporate media pundits. They are on the air 24/7 (on cable and satellite) and they are gunning for Obama and campaigning for Hillary.

No you aren't crazy....watch what they say....Hillary is their golden goose. Let's hope the grassroots will be able to hold on and see our candidate win the Democratic primary.

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