Monday, March 17, 2008

Crystal Ball Musing on 2008 Presidential Election

IF the powers that be successfully stop the grassroots candidate--Barack Obama--from running as the Democratic candidate....(and with the corporate media machine hard at work on throwing the kitchen sink at him they might somehow steal it)

Then THIS will become big news. Barack Obama and his supporters won't use it....we don't want the old style politics....but here's my prediction....IF Hillary is the candidate against John McCain THIS will be used by the rightwingers for sure. They always throw in the kitchen sink.


James Young said...

Yeah. Nothing suspicious here. Nothing to see. Move along. Not like it's happened before.

Anonymous said...

Like america the REPUBLICANS are destroying this country. you and me talk about democracy????? WE NEVER HAD ONE. George Bush has made a mockery out of america. how can our president preach democracy through out the world when he STOLE the presisency.not once but twice. we americans have to kick ourselves in the BUTT for making this we can see waht we got. a RECESSION AND MAY BE A DEPRESSION. All because of this idiot and his hell bent for war policy in iraq. now america is in for another election year, and georgie boy is at it again. he and his corporate buddies will try and steel another election. this time for his buddie another bush in Johnie McCain. HOW STUPID CAN THE PEOPLE OF AMERICA BE IN ELECTING ANOTHER WAR MONGER. if Bush crap dont start another war in IRAN, then McCain will. america is in SHAMBLES,another war will finish us off. just like the ROMAN EMPIRE.

Mosquito said...

That's why it's crucial that Americans realize we can vote for candidate who will help us end the dextruction in our country and the world.

Let's all work to GOTV for Barack Obama, for ourselves, our loved ones, and the world.