Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Here They Go Again!

Why does the lame-stream corporate media consistently hold Barack Obama to a different standard than Hillary Clinton or John McCain? (Besides the obvious point that Obama IS the change candidate that will upset the status quo and therefore "us" consumers may get a fair break for a change and the corporations won't be able to make such HUGE profits.)

They want to discount Barack because he's a great speaker.
Ronald Reagan and John Kennedy were great speakers and the media was not hard at work minimizing their speeches. Their speeches were not dissected, taken out of context, and minimized or misinterpreted.

The media and the other candidates want to discount every word that comes out of Barack Obama's mouth. They are saying IGNORE what Obama says and listen to US tell you what he really said. THEY want to do our thinking for us. They want us to DISTRUST Obama and not listen to him.

The fact is that words and the candidate's record are the ONLY things we have to judge a candidate by. How a candidate performs in a debate, in a speech, answering a reporters questions is usually the standard we have always judged our candidates by....along with what is known about their records. WHY are we suddenly going to minimize one of our most important tools for assessing our presidential candidates? It's like changing the rules of a game every time a certain team gets in the lead.

We have ALWAYS judged our candidates speeches and words. This is often the most important factor for a candidate winning or losing an election. Kennedy is credited with winning the presidency by out debating Nixon on television.

Hillary and John McCain are not being held to the same standard. They say something, it gets repeated again and again(unless it's a gaffe like McCain stating that Iran is training Al Queda), and they may get a question. Barack's statements aren't repeated. His words are dissected, taken out of context and the original message is thrown overboard. We are being told we shouldn't judge Barack Obama by his words.

The fact that Barack Obama can communicate and inspire people should be a major asset for any presidential candidate. The corporate media is turning it into a handicap.
Alleged journalists (i.e. the pundits who are more often wrong than right) are hard at work distorting and miminizing Obama's statements. They are not doing this with Clinton nor McCain, the "status quo" candidates. The media wants us to shut off our minds, and shut off our hearts, so we won't hear the messages of hope, possibility, and change that Barack Obama is sharing with us.

As it is the media is hard at work trying to negate Obama's message. They are trying to tape Obama's mouth shut. If that's the case then let's tape up the mouths of all three candidates and see what kind of campaign we will have.

We should LISTEN to ALL the candidates with our eyes, ears, hearts, and minds so we can evaluate the messages they are communicating to us. We should assess their positions on the issues we care about, and thoroughly check out their records.

All we want is FAIR, ACCURATE reporting. We haven't seen much of that in a very long time. It's time to shut off the corporate media and do our own thinking an analyzing. IF they won't report the news fairly for all three candidates then WE need to throw them out of the process.

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