Monday, March 03, 2008

Occupation 101 Part 1

This is one of the most powerful documentaries I have ever seen, displaying the genesis and unvarnished truth about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This film is beginning to sweep through the world, waking people up to the utter inhumanity of the Israeli occupation of Palestine, with almost unconditional American support, no matter how odious Israel's conduct. Even most Israelis don't know the full story, having been fed the official, disingenuous government line for decades.

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Anonymous said...


This blanket excusal of violence introduces Occupation 101, a film designed to evoke sympathy for Palestinians and contempt for Israel, which is currently being promoted to schools, churches and activist groups. What follows is ninety minutes of indoctrination. Scenes of squalid refugee camps, Israeli soldiers confronting protesters, despairing Palestinian mothers and teary-eyed children serve as a backdrop to well-rehearsed indictments of the Jewish state by a who’s who of anti-Israel activists. Narrator Alison Weir and the producer/director team of Sufyan and Abdallah Omeish present a litany of anti-Zionist canards. The message throughout is that Palestinians are blameless victims while Israelis are entirely responsible for Palestinian violence.
For those of you who respect true civil rights movements, and want to honor the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King should watch this docuemntary with a very critical eye. It is offensive that these people equate the American civil rights movement and the effort to ban South African appartheid to this conflict, it is obscene. Occupation 101's worst offense is its twisting of the history and facts of the conflict in order to equate the Palestinian cause with celebrated civil rights struggles around the world. Viewers are led to see the situation of the Palestinians as parallel to black South Africans under apartheid or southern blacks during the civil rights era. To pull this off, a decade of unprecedented terrorism directed at Israelis in their homes, cafes, vehicles and religious festivals is made nearly invisible, severing the connection between Israeli measures — like house demolitions and sweeps through Palestinian villages — and the Palestinian attacks that precipitated them. This is essential to the film's portrayal of Israeli actions as colonialist aggression rather than as a response to terrorism. The hate indoctrination that permeates Arab society and produces cadres of young Palestinian suicide bombers groomed in hatred, intolerance and rejection of peaceful coexistence is swept under the carpet.

Anonymous said...

This documentary shows nothing but facts. They interview only Israeli or American representatives who are activists, politicians and religious leaders. They do not interview Palestinian government officials, so how is it propaganda? This is the truth whether you want to admit it or not. If you believe in equal rights for all humans then you would open your eyes and see the truth and realize what is going on here and realize who is being terrorized. You cannot take this out of context and simply bring up suicide bombers and forget the massive army that murders and occupies thousands of Palestinians.

Anonymous said...

I think the basic idea of the film is not so one sided. It is obvious the first poster has “sympathy” for one side more than the other. People dying & living in fear in general is an atrocity. If you have an objective eye one can see this film for what it’s worth, there is a LOT of information and it is presented beautifully. Even if you are against what this film has to say for “political” reasons, one can’t outright deny one side is shockingly more powerful then the other. Haven’t you heard about the eruption of sewage that swept away a mother’s baby and grandmother, who both drowned in…. Shit? Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Poster # 1 …. One note, it would be nice if you learned to balance your arguments, or people will think you are just spitting propaganda.