Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Arrested because of a t-shirt?

An 80 year old church deacon, in a wheelchair, was arrested at a mall because he was wearing an anti-war t-shirt. What happened to freedom in America? Even young women are now being taken off of airplains because "someone" (even if the "someone" is an employee of the airline) didn't like their clothes. We aren't talking public nudity here folks. We are talking about our freedoms and a new fascist code that restricts our freedoms.

For a shopping mall to be defined simply as private property when it exists for the "public" to use is just ridiculous. Anyone can go to a shopping mall without an invitation from any of the owners or renters. We should be free to pass out leaflets and wear what we wish as long as we are not forcing others to accept our leaflets or inhibiting the freedoms of another person.

There was a time when I would have said something like this was "impossible" in America but then along came Bush and Cheney.......Source



Cargosquid said...

I agree that no one should be arrested for a t-shirt. The mall IS private property and can ask anyone to leave. Should they have? If the story is accurate in that the arrested man was only drinking coffee and not protesting on private property, no.

However, would you feel the same way about malls if someone wanted exercise their 2nd amendment rights by carrying a weapon while shopping? Malls, at this time, can stop any legally armed person from staying on their grounds.

Anonymous said...

By the headline, I thought someone was arrested for wearing one of Obama's "I'm a typical white person" t-shirt.

Mosquito said...

Malls have businesses that sell to the PUBLIC and are used for PUBLIC purposes...this "private property" stuff I suspect is just another corporate power play....Individuals not engaged in business...Now that's private property in the true sense of the this is my castle mindset-imo

I don't feel the same way about guns...I don't want them to allow guns in the malls or national parks....I want to feel safe. I believe that folks have the right to choose to have a gun on their private property and for their sporting hobby. I would feel "better" about folks owning guns if they could pass a standard mental health exam and did not have a record of violence.

I don't know if you will understand this but I LOVED it when I was traveling through Spain approximately 15 years ago and I could walk through Madrid at 3 am alone and felt safe....even though the country had a 40% unemployent rate at the time. That was something I would not have felt comfortable doing in the U.S.

Something is going very wrong in the US and until we can become a more loving, compassionate people I would prefer to keep guns out of the equation.

As I understand the founding fathers and gun rights our founding fathers believed that government would not be able to overstep it's bounds if the citizenry were armed....but in today's advanced weaponry with planes and all sorts of "horrible" bombs...do "guns" really match up....there maybe a good argument that they do given what we have seen in Iraq (and Vietnam)...Just goes to show what the "little, outmatched" guy will do to try and preserve their freedom and rights to self-determination doesn't it?