Sunday, May 25, 2008

Hillary Clinton---SOC

I am enjoying my sabbatical....I planned this sabbatical for a variety of reasons...including anger with the Hillary Clinton antics and the typical Dem indecisive passivity. So now for my SOC--stream of consciousness--Hillary rant.

I am drawn to comment on the latest situation. If ever a statement was uttered that deserved a genuine sincere apology it is this. Amazingly Hillary Clinton seems to share many of the same character flaws that George Bush of these being the inability to apologize. It's like she feels no remorse from how her actions affect others. Pile that on top of the fact that (maybe it's that cult religion she belongs to with the other know the "religion of the world's elites"--the fellowship, the family...that operates in "secret cells" around the world....the one where the elite members are anointed by God to rule the masses...maybe that's why...) Hillary believes this presidency is supposed to be hers.

Then there's the hypocrisy of the Clintons. Hillary easily made a contract with the Democratic party to prevent the FLA and MI delegates from voting for this year's presidential least while she was the presumed nominee. Clinton starts Hillary "needs" these delegates for her own personal gain. WE see a genuine flip flop for personal gain...Hillary is now fighting for these delegates rights....the same rights she previously signed away.....Jeesh.

Hillary may be more conservative than John McCain. There's good reason she did not receive the NARAL endorsement. Her new neocon religion--The Fellowship--takes credit for Hillary voting for a bill that would allow professionals like Pharmacists to refuse to dispense birth control for women (even if they were the only pharmacist in a small town) and for police officers to refuse to protect abortion clinics from violent acts.....definitely not a pro womans's choice bill that's for sure.

And then there is Hillary's continuing to change the rules....It would be like a football team suddenly demanding that the preseason games should now be counted. This would not be tolerated in football why is it tolerated in our presidential primary.

Unlike Hillary I believe that the majority of the press has given "her" the free ride. The lamestream corporate media press has never covered her religion, which could genuinely be called a cult with serious implications. The corporate press has never really covered the fact that her campaign manager is a lobbyist with the same firm as McCain's (oops...I think that guy recently resigned for lobbying in Columbia while campaigning with McCain).....

The bottom line is that Hillary does not have the delegates to win this nomination...she almost 150% of the remaining delegates to win and that is a mathematical impossibility. It true others have campaigned until June BUT HILLARY DOES NOT MENTION THE FACT THAT IT WAS STILL POSSIBLE FOR THOSE CAMPAIGNS TO WIN....NONE OF THEM WERE FACING A MATHEMATICAL IMPOSSIBILITY.

So the next time Hillary tries to use the "campaigns going into June" rationale I hope some reporter somewhere will do their job and ask the question, "How many have continued to campaign until June when it has become a mathematical impossibility for them to win the nomination." Enough of the ridiculous Clinton spin. This is as bad as there "don't ask don't tell" program that they substituted for their campaign promise to give gays and lesbians the right to serve "equally" in the military.

There is no reason for any candidate to remain in a primary race when winning becomes mathematically impossible. UNLESS maybe Hillary feels entitled to the a Queen...and like George Bush she has a terrific DENIAL mechanism....something I hope this nation never has to endure in another president. We need someone who can make decisions based on reality not denial.

The bottom line comes to this--candidates who support their party and their party's nominee gracefully bow out when it becomes impossible to play by the rules and win the nomination. This is what Joe Biden, Bill Richardson, Dennis Kucinich, John Edwards, Bill Huckabee, Romney, etc......all did.

There appears to be no reasoning with Hillary Clinton or her "ardent" supporters. We only get excuses and rationales from them. It looks like they will forgive Hilalry "anything..." distorting the truth and even using racist words and thoughts to win the office.

So it's past time for the super delegates to step forth and end this thing.....They need to step by June 7th at the latest and end this thing now. We have a presidency that needs winning. It would be a disaster of major proportions to set up a self-destructive scenario that allows McCain to continue the Bush policies in our land.

So we need to demand that the super delegates do their duty and do it asap.

And for the record....Hillary's slip up is a scenario that has been on her mind for some's not the first time she has brought up the Robert Kennedy campaign and assasination. I'm with Keith's unforgiveable to publicly bring up that situation for obvious reasons.

So I decided to simply do a pleasurable rant back to my summer projects....



unionman said...

Thanks for the post. I enjoyed it. Continue your R&R.

Mosquito said...

unionman...thanks for your comment.....I truly appreciate you stopping by on a regular basis.