Sunday, May 11, 2008

John Pilger - The War On Democracy - Part 1 of 10

This documentary by John Pilger, the award-winning Australian born journalist and documentary filmmaker from Sydney, has been making its way through the Internet. It is perhaps the most penetrating history of official and clandestine U.S. government policies, strategies and operations to bend Latin America to its will ever produced. You cannot understand our relationship with Latin America, nor what is going on in Latin America, without knowing this history. So here is Part 1 of 10, with more to follow.

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Anonymous said...

What everybody can see is America Impearlism at its best. the government here in America is controled by the wealthy corporations. they buy their way into our politicans. our people in the good old U.S.A. are to dum and stupid to see what's going on.our free trade is so one sided to provide wealthy corporations with termendous profits. and we call America a Democracy???? If this country is not run by a Dictator then what can you call it??????? This is pure GREED by the wealthy at the expense of the poor people in LATIN AMERICA AND WORKERS IN AMERICA. what you will see is the NEW WORLD ORDER. this will lead to World War III.