Saturday, June 21, 2008

How will BO justify selling out?

FIRST--TELECOM IMMUNITY IS A BIPARTISAN ISSUE. This is not just the crazy "Frankenstein villagers of the far left" condemning telecom immunity....but I bet our alleged leaders will try to spin it that way. The American people are speaking out against shredding our constitution and our rule of law. What the House did yesterday has disillusioned the vast majority of folks in this country NOT just on the left...There is NOTHING benefiting the public interest in the concept of telecom immunity and the American people understand that this is the ultimate rape and we are forced to pay for the vaseline. Yesterday's post has a youtube of Cspan callers-- REPUBLICANS, Democrats, and Independents. EVERY CALLER was shocked, disgusted, and appalled with what Congress was doing. The people get it but Congress doesn't. (On the Cspan show I only heard ONE caller happy with the Congressional decision and he was definitely an extreme right winger. "For the first time" the people of America made me very proud and our leaders shamed our country.

I am shocked and appalled that OB "chose" to sell out. I waited with bated breath for his press release. Feingold is correct and honestly direct when he said this is NOT a compromise it's capitulation and there's no reason for this....not if we honestly have a two party system in this country. Surely my most hopeful candidate, OB, would speak out strongly against this injustice to the people. Unfortunately I only got a rude awakening.

The telecom immunity clause crushes the brave Americans who worked within the system to try to do the job that Congress was NOT doing....the people who stepped up took the burden upon themselves to protect our Constitution and our rule of law by utilizing America's justice system. So Congress and BO spring into action to PREVENT Americans from getting the accountability and rule of law that is our birthright? Congress and BO REFUSE to hold anyone accountable, REFUSE to honor their oath of office and they do Bush's dirty work and cut Americans off at the knees who attempt to make the "elite" accountable.

So Obama now faces a true test. He promotes participatory democracy....IF he is true to his word then we will see Obama change course and strike out strongly in words and deeds to strip the telecom immunity clause from that bill.

This is my hope for the Obama for president campaign. And it is not because I'm a Frankenstein villager of the left. It is because I am an American who continues to hope.



Star Womanspirit said...

I've been trying to contact someone at Barack's national campaign headquarters for two days now. No one is answering the phones...Even worse no one is returning phone calls when a message is left.


Mosquito said... upset that you actually signed out buzz buzz....

I hope Obama comes to his senses and shows us all that he's the real deal.....but it's best not to hold our breaths.

Howling Latina said...

Be prepared to repeatedly be disappointed.

Mosquito said...


But it will never match the disappointment potential of Hillary Rodham Clinton.....

Obama at his worst stands heads and shoulders above Hillary AND Bill Clinton....they are definitely the ultimate in sold out, corporate Democrats. (In the same way that both of these Dem candidates stand heads and shoulders above John McCain.)

BTW, how come the "alleged" feminists in the Hillary camp are so blind when it comes to media sexism directed at Michelle Obama.

I'm a feminist and sexism is sexism is sexism no matter what race the woman belongs too. Heck, Michelle Obama isn't even running for office and the sexism directed at her is as bad if not worse than the sexism the media directed at Hillary.

I am shocked that the Hillary Feminist will attack Obama instead of the media who were the "sexist attackers." That's why I continue to see this as "fake feminism of the political kind" directed by the Hillary camp.


Star Womanspirit said...

Thanks took the words right out of my mouth.