Thursday, June 19, 2008


Sign this petition telling Congress know we want our constitution and the rule of law restored.

The Congressional Democrats need to STOP playing politics and honor the oath they took.

Kucinich is going to continue to do his duty and press the case for impeachment. The House Judiciary Committee and Rep. Conyers are playing politics and PROTECTING the Bush Regime according to the Decider--Nancy Pelosi's orders.

You can keep updated by visiting Kucinich's web site.

If impeachment proceedings are NOT started there's a strong possibility that Cheney and Bush will laundh a nuclear attack on Iran right after the November elections. Why is Congress even taking a chance of this happening. Starting impeachment proceedings NOW would prevent this from happening.

Contact your representative NOW and tell them to support Impeachment proceedings.


Doug said...

Let's make a bet.

First, the impeachment resolution introducted by Dennis Kucinich (D., Alpha Centauri and allied planets) will go nowhere.

Second, contrary to the paranoia of some there will be no attack, nuclear or otherwise on Iran prior to Noon on 20 January 2009.

I'm willing to put up real money in support of both propositions.

Mosquito said...

Doug....I really do hope you are correct on this matter.

This is one time I really really really do want to be wrong.

I just don't trust the sanity or reasoning ability of George Bush and Dick Cheney...they have been wrong for so long and never hesitate to go against the will of the American people.

As George likes to say....he doesn't think opinion polls are important.