Wednesday, July 09, 2008

BUSH LIES For Big Oil Again and Again!!!

George Bush said that when the Iraqi's asked us to leave he would then bring the troops home. Is anyone surprised that George Bush lied? The Iraqi's want the US occupation troops to leave the very least they want a withdrawal timetable they can count on.

The majority of Americans and the majority of Iraqi's have said again and again that US troops should stop the occupation and return home.

Is anyone surprised that George Bush has used our State Dept to negotiate oil deals with Iraq?
George Bush LIES again and again...he said this war had nothing to do with Oil...PSYCH!

Once again, WE end up footing the bill an BIG OIL rakes in the profits. That's what we get for putting two oil men in our White House. Now they are asking for McCain to be elected to continue the Big Oil legacy. The end of this horrible Big Oil reign will soon be over.


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