Sunday, August 24, 2008

Eliza Jane - SOS

Eliza Jane kicks ass!

Who is Eliza in case you don't know. From her website,

Eliza Jane Schneider: singer, fiddler, author, actress, voice artist, dialectologist, composer, oral historian and playwright. You may be familiar with her work as most of the female voices on Comedy Central's animated hit "South Park." She currently tours the world with her band, “Eliza Jane and the Barnyard Gypsies,” while collecting dialect recordings and also performing her award-winning multiple character solo shows. Her diverse background also includes starring roles in two CBS Saturday Morning live action television series, including the Emmy-Award winning "Beakman's World" as "Liza." Please explore this site to hear sound clips, reviews and examples of her work. Enjoy!

And about SOS, this is from the song's YouTube site:

Eliza Jane's timely and entertaining song SOS is a patriotic country music video about America's democracy, rigged elections, stolen votes, vote fraud, cowardly Chickenhawks who've hijacked America's democracy, American democracy hero Clint Curtis, and more. Like the Dixie Chicks she ain't afraid to step forward and renounce fascism. Enjoy!

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Mosquito said...

Thanks Mac...

I love artists....we need more of them.

Love how she ends the song...especially since Dieboldt uner their new company name had to dontact 35 states to let them knoe that their computer code was flawed and would rig elections.....