Friday, August 22, 2008

Full Spectrum Dominance or "Real Men go to Moscow"

Check out this brilliant analysis of the crisis between the US, NATO and Russia by Pepe Escobar of Asia Times and The Real News Nertwork:

We are clearly headed for a new Cold War at this point, and if Russophobic, consumed by war fantasies John McCain assumes the presidency, tensions will only be exacerbated. Meanwhile, Russia's eyes are wide-open that the American ruling class's endgame is to checkmate her power, and perhaps even launch a catastrophic first strike once American missiles and radar are ringing Russia's borders within the next few years. I put nothing past Washington, which routinely revels in rivers of blood. The game is no longer one of friendly rivalry, if it ever was. In fact the last Soviet Union president, Mikhail Gorbachev, who oversaw the end of the first Cold War, now states that he feels totally betrayed by the United States, whom he said has broken every promise it made to end the Cold War. First and foremost, there was to be no attempt to extend NATO eastward into Russia's traditional sphere of influence. But the real goal of our Imperialists, so it seems, was always to do just the opposite.

Gorbachev should have asked the American Indians about all the treaties broken by the Great White Father in Washington before he signed on the dotted line. But all that is water under the bridge. It is up to Putin and his Lieutenants now to save the day for Russia. By blatantly spilling Russian blood (yes Russian citizens were slain) in the sneak attack on South Ossetia, the White House and its spastic puppet in Georgia have crossed the already thin line of diplomatic protocol into outright militarism.

Russia certainly knows this and realizes they are going to have to respond in kind from here on out. Meanwhile, I don't think our spaced-out warmongers in Washington and its many satellites realize that Russia is not Iraq; Russia is not Iran; Russia is simply lethal bad news when you poke her.

As I have said before, with the arrogant, already morally bankrupt Neocons still commandeering the American Plutocracy with all the folly and hubris of, say, Flaminus trying to take out Hannibal, there will very likely be more bloodshed. How much is the question.

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