Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Department of Homeland Security is in charge of RNC POLICE STATE in St. Paul

That's right folks....the Dept of Homeland Security is in charge of what's happening in St. Paul...that's why journalists are being arrested and detained and folk are being beaten for simply exercising their constitutional rights.

Contact the senators and congresspeople on the Homeland Security Committees and see how much they care about your constitutional rights. You might be surprised at who is not providing oversight on the POLICE STATE that Homeland Security has enacted in our country....

Some of the staffers are sympathetic and in tune with what is c0nstitutional or not....others act like you have called in to report that your neighbor's dog is peeing in your vegetable garden,,,,goes to show why the Congress's approval rating is so low.

Want to see what the homeland security is up to? Check out democracynow.org, buzflash, huffington post....

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