Sunday, September 21, 2008

Homeland Security Not Concerned with Saving Americans

Do you feel less safe knowing that the Homeland Security's version of FEMA is to STOP BEING RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DELIVERY OF ICE? Ice is CRITICAL when we have no keeps the food from spoiling and in hot climates can be used to help prevent folks from falling down from the heat....

Homeland Security appears to be arresting people not saving them. Hopefully, we will have real change in Washington soon and we can restore FEMA to an independent agency with a cabinet post once again....especially since we appear to be headed to an increase in natural disasters. We also need to woman was upset about being overcharged for soda, they wouldn't let her "return it" so she spilled the soda on the counter and refused to pay. For this the FEDS are going to take her to court with felony charges? This is how an "allegedly Free" nation treats its citizens? OUR GOVERNMENT broke major privacy laws and accessed her father's confidential medical records in order to identify and find the woman. The USA locks up more people than China and Russia....Our judicial system and the urge to incarcerate non violent folks has gotten totally out of hand.

Looks like our judicial system is having to look hard for "evildoers" in order to justify their budget?

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Mosquito said...

It gets even worse...this happened in Boise's the link