Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Is The Republican Party Really Cruel?

Barack Obama and the Democratic Party are taking the Michigan Republican Party to court.

The Republican Party is using Mortgage Foreclosure Lists to try to keep people from voting. YIKES, If you are on a foreclosure list the Republicans want to keep you from voting. (I guess they figure that you might want to vote for change because of the deregulations that Republican Phil Gramm masterminded that has resulted in this mortgage crisis.)

Well it seems the Republican Party wants you to lose your right to vote right along with the loss of your home.

This is truly disgusting....here's the link.


Cargosquid said...

Actually, for once, I agree with you, if the case is, as it is shown in the article.

Mosquito said...


Well the dems are having to take them to court to try to "stop it" before it occurs. The Republican Party has a strong record over the past 9 years of trying to take voting privileges from people.

In Florida they would send letters to the homes of service members (serving in Iraq or overseas) with the message to not forward the letter....so they could take the "returned" letters and prevent these folks votes from being counted. It's really bad when a service member who fights for this country doesn't get their vote counted.

So cargosquid...it definitely seems like we have some common ground here...I bet there are other places we can agree on to. :) :) :)

Maybe we can agree that the government should NOT insist on a voter picture ID. (After all no problem for this as been shown to exist.)BUT if the government does insist on a voter picture ID then the gov has to pay the costs of getting this voter picture ID and makes the places and hours to get one very accessible for poor working people...so folks that are living on the edge with little or no money can still vote? Otherwise this "voter id" thing is going to disenfranchise alot of votes for a non-existent problem.

Thank heavens the folks in VA have more sense and aren't trying such nonsense.