Saturday, September 13, 2008

McCain says he's out of touch

Wow, John McCain sometimes says something that is true. Surprising.


Charles said...

Gee, for a guy who wants us to talk about issues, you sure don't want to talk about issues, do you...

In the same forum, a non-political bipartisan discussion about volunteerism, community service, and the goodness of the American people, Obama said that all the senators did was yack all the time.

They were both being self-deprecating to make the point that it's individual Americans that make the real difference.

It's not surprising that an obama-supporting blogger would miss that point, I guess, to make some political hay of a non-political event.

Of course, the really sad thing is that the Obama campaign actually raised the exact same point as you did, thus showing that they have little interest in the "post-partisan" era that Obama pretends to represent.

Of course, the McCain camp responded in kind, after Obama's camp misused the statement, they mentioned Obama's statement.

Which is too bad -- because the event was a good one, if a bit banal.

And it showed how this year COULD have been different, if only Obama had been willing to take McCain up on his offer of a series of town hall meetings, where the candidates would be FORCED to talk about issues.

Oh well, maybe the next election a candidate will say they want to talk about issues and move past partisanship -- and actually mean it.

Mosquito said...


1--what in the world led you to the conclusion that I don't want to discuss issues? I say this is either misleading (and if this is the case I'm sure you can comment on what led you to this conclusion) or it is a lie...and we won't hear from you anymore on this topic.

2--What makes you think that I'm an Obama supporter> You are wrong again.

I am currently undecided but McCaio/Palin will NOT get my vote due to their dishonest lies and the fact that they will continue the disastrous Bush/Cheney policies. I am currently deciding which candidate -- Obama, Nader, or McKinney--will earn my vote.

3--I am an independent and this is NOT a pro obama blog. When I see Obama do something I don't like I call him out. I did this in June when I called Obama out for reversing his course and voting for that horrible FISA bill granting the telecoms immunity. Can you say the same about your blog and McCain?

Since I'm not a pro-Obama blog why should you expect me to report on everything Obama does and says? Does your blog do this with John McCain?

However I do remember the example you brought up when Obama said that the senators yacked all the time. I think that lots of Senators are out of touch with the people and I'm surprised that so many Americans don't do politcs and let politics do "them."

But I do know that Obama is not an elitist and he is definitely more in touch with the realities of lower and middle class Americans than John McCain is. Honestly, having so many homes that you don't know how many you have is not something I would expect from an "average American Joe." )and that is just one example of many....)

4--I honestly believe that McCain DOES NOT GET IT. That's why I posted his statement about being removed from everyday people.

IMO, McCain has been removed from the consequences that everyday people face long before he became a Senator.

As to your town hall point....

I believe everything would be different if our media and our candidates were NOT owned by corporations.

I don't disagree with town halls but they need to be set up differently than the offer McCain sent to Obama. Let's face it they--McCain and Obama are both politicians running for the White House. When McCain made the Town Hall offer he was having difficulty getting two hundred folks to come here him talk in NY...Of course, McCain wanted Obama to do townhalls with him...and one reason Obama probably refused the offer was b/c Obama still needed to campaign on the name recognition issue that he didn't have and McCain does have. Obama needed to campaign to let the voters get to know him BEFORE he started to do joint debate appearances with McCain.

However, nos that the name recognition thing has been addressed to some extent town hall meetings might be a good thing for us all.

I think it would be great if ALL candidates would debate with the League of Women Voters running the debates like they did before the two major parties ousted the LWV so they could have more control over the questions that are asked of them....

I think that if a nonpartisan group such as the League of Women Voters would set up town halls too that would be an excellent resoure for all voters.

However, I seriously disagree with McCain thinking that Obama refusing to do town halls with him gave McCain the right to campaign as McNasty. McCain says he is honorable but there is nothing honorable about the lies that the McCain/Palin campaign are running on...and they continue to spout the same lies even when the corporate media reports the facts....

I grew up with a different set of values and a person should value speaking the truth. Our children are going to grow up thinking that anything goes and it's okay to lie in order to get what you want.

I have serious issues with the values that today's Republican party is exhibiting in their "race" for the White House.

It appears that you and I may have share common ground (i.e. such as less partisanship is needed) as well as different viewpoints.

I'm willing to discuss issues with you...maybe we will have more opportunities for discussion,

So if it's a discussion you want this is a golden opportunity.