Thursday, September 25, 2008

Obama promises bottom up and lies for a second time?

Rough Draft

Let's see Barack Obama promises to govern from the bottom up.

But we have seen him govern from the top down on the FISA Bill and the Retroative Telecom Immunity. He had promised us that hw would not support Retroactive Immunity. There wasn't even a "whisper" from the bottom up asking Obama to change his position on this one. There was a ROAR asking Obama to keep his word and follow his promises (to listen to the people and NOT support the Telecom Immunity.

So here we come to another momentous "Shock and Awe" scheme from the Republicans in the White House. It's the WMD lie about Wall Street. The people are SHOUTING AND ROARING TO NOT BAIL OUT WALL STREET. This bail out is NOT going to work. China has directed it's banks to not loan the US any more money. We need that money to RESCUE WALL STREET.

Why is Barack Obama NOT listening to his supporters? We are speaking out loudly and clearly. There is no excuse for Obama agreeing to this bailout. Senator Bernie Sanders has put forth a plan that IF Wall Street is bailed out SAVES THE TAXPAERY BY LETTING THE WEALTHY ELITES WHO CREATED THIS MESS FAIRLY PAY FOR THE BAILOUT.

If both parties have decided to sell our treasury to the corporations then why is there any reason for anyone to vote for either party???

I keep hoping the Democratic Party will show that it will listen to it's citizens but it looks like they are happy to sell us out and put the fox (Henry Paulson) in charge of the hen house.

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Star Womanspirit said...

Isn't it wonderful that McCain's attempts to take credit for bailout plan backfired and now the Paulson plan is going to face serious opposition? Sometimes incompetency and bungling can take on a positive spin.

Now there's hope that our next president will not be handcuffed, bound and gagged and we maybe able to prevent Bush's hideous policies from continuing for the next 10...20....or so years.

I never thought I would want to thank McCain for's funny how the world works when John McCain is a part of it. I see John McCain has a mean version of Barney Fife.