Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Republican Socialist Party--Real Change

The Republicans in Congress are pressuring the Democrats to rubber stamp their corporate bailout with no strings attached. Another Republican blank check for their wealthy elite base.

Once again the American taxpayer is going to be robbed so the rich can continue to plunder our marketplace.

After this latest outrageous Republican display of incompetence they will no longer get away with yelling Socialist when national health insurance is discussed.


Cargosquid said...

How is this a REPUPLICAN display since it was the Dems that prevented the overhaul of Fannie Mae etc.? How is this ONLY a GOP problem since the dem congress is all for the bail out since is saves their collective butts? Obama is all for this bail out. McCain is not.

Take off your blinders for once. This is both parties' fault. BOTH, in one way or another, helped caused this.

Mosquito said...


It appears there is no disagreement concerning the new socialist policy that the Republican Party is promoting to save the Big Fat Cats from the consequences of their greed.

It was John McCain's economic adviser Phil Gramm who led the Republican agenda to DE-REGULATE and they eliminated the Glass Spiegal know the legislation enacted after the stock market crash that led us into the great depression....the act was passed so that we could avoid future market crashes and great depressions.

Phil Gramm and the Republican Party eliminated the Glass Spiegal Act so that's what got us in this horrible mess.

But if you prefer to not do the research and simply believe Lying John McCain when he says that Barack Obama is responsible for this mess then that is what you will do.

Mosquito said... this the bill you are referring to? S. 190 [109th Congress]: Federal Housing Enterprise Regulatory Reform Act of 2005

If so the main sponsor was Republican Senator Chuck Hagel. The same Chuck Hagel who rejects McCain's economic plan and prefers Obama's economic plan.