Monday, October 20, 2008

Domestic Terrorism Republican Style

As John McCain and Sarah Palin continue their nasty lies in a full frontal assault on Barack Obama's campaign their rhetoric is increasing the divisiveness and violence in our country.

In Tennessee, a white woman is assaulted by three white men in a car who drive recklessly and yell racial epithets at her. Her crime is supporting Barack Obama; her car had an Obama bumper sticker on it. Her Obama yard signs are also being stolen.

In Seattle and Boston ACORN offices are vandalized and ACORN workers are threatened.

Welcome to Domestic Terrorism Republican Style. John McCain's dis-honorable campaign is spurring the extremists in the Republican party into action. The McCain campaign has crossed a line and is now in league with domestic terrorists. How else can anyone explain the McCain Palin inflammatory speeches and their refusal to speak out against these acts of violence?


Cargosquid said...

Doesn't the bible say something about "remove the log from your own eye..."?

While these are terrible acts, please just look at the reports of vandalism and racism taking place on your side and report those too. Blaming the acts of a bigoted few on "Republican terrorism" is just hyperbole.

All of this happens to McCain supporters also. Except you have the press covering for and assisting Obama. How would you like it if the press descended upon your life because you asked Obama a question and disagreed with his answer?

BTW, your link to the ACORN article is a duplicate to the assaulted woman article. Thought you would like to know.

CV said...

Yo, cargosquid, can you point to ONE example of Obama's campaign riling up the crowds to hate? Can you show any evidence that Republicans are being threatened with murder over their bumperstickers?
Didn't think so.

Mosquito said...


Thanks for letting me know I erred on my links I will correct this in a moment.

America needs to take the log out of her eye...In this country Arabs are now slandered due to the acts of a few on the fringe.

The Obama message is HOPE NOT HATE.

Palin and JOhn McCain are riling up their crowds and it has taken dirty, slimy lying campaigning to an entirely new level.Even conservative columnists are critizing the McCain/Palin campaign for gong too far.

As far as the Corporate Media....that loves it when Americans use the Liberal Media label (which is another lie)....They have NOT vetted McCain and Palin. One major publication ROLLING STONE FINALLY reveal some of McCain's true military record. John McCain has NEVER released his military records for public scrutiny. When have you seen the media letting folks know that McCain is on 100 percent disability and yet he doesn't meet the written guidelines for this. CNN has only done one report on the Palin's secessionist party ties. The media has not covered Palin's controversial religious ties. The media is filled with references to John McCain's POW history in the 60's but they don't cover his Keating 5 history from the 80's. In fact, Tom Brokaw called the Keating 5 information as "ancient history."

Yet the media is a megaphone repeating the Ayers terroism charge against Obama...many times not explaining that this is simply another "guilt by association tactic" and that Obama is NOT connected with terrorists or terrorist acts. IN fact the Palins have a DIRECT connection to a terrorist group.

So the Corporate Media definitely has a bias.....but it sure is NOT's a bias towards CORPORATE INTERESTS.


Cargosquid said...

Here's one example: Actual violence.

"Filed by Mark Williams in Raton, New Mexico with the Stop Obama Tour) We learned at this morning’s Stop Obama Rally here that the McCain/Palin Straight Talk Express came through town yesterday. It arrived with a window shattered by a .22 caliber weapon."

The crowds at the Palin rallies are riled up because they know that the press is in the tank for Obama. They know that Obama is very left wing, associates with known terrorists and bigots, and wants to take their money. Conservatives are upset, not only at Obama for lying about his positions, but the press for lying about the entire campaign.

Oh, and if a press room is, admittedly, 98% liberal, supports Obama, and writes 7 articles for every one against,and is seen cheering at rallies, THAT's is a liberal press. Just because the corporations, which, btw, send money to the Dems also, own the paper or media, does not make it a conservative press.

Star Womanspirit said...


I'm afraid this country has steered so far to the right that you don't know what a liberal is. I assure you...Obama is a major disappointment to progressive democrats.

We will have to disagree on the liberal media....I see this media as being corporate especially when they don't report things commonly known by the European press such as the fact that Spain discussed with George Bush WEEKS BEFORE THE IRAQ invasion a plan that would have taken Saddam Hussein out of Iraq, placed him into exile, and we would have accomplished getting Hussein out without spending a single dollar or losing a single life. Except George Bush refused the offer....Maybe that's b/c the international community through the United Nations would have assisted Iraq in setting up a transition government....that would have meant a lot of lost profits to corporations like Haliburton, Blackwater, General Electric, Big Oil, etc etc......

Like I said, there's still a media blackout concerning the fact that this war was definitely not necessary.

So I don't see anything liberal about this media it's interests are corporate. so we will have to disagree on this one....

Thanks for the heads up about the paintballs that were fired on the McCain bus....I'll have to read up on that.

have a good nite

Anonymous said...

Great post, Mosquito... I linked to you from Buzzflash.

This is a textbook example of how "We, the People" ares standing up and filling in for where our corporate media liars refuse to go. With enough stories, links, articles, "buzz", and blogs such as yours, maybe we CAN FORCE the soulless, lying, corrupt "major media" (corporate media) to do their jobs: EXAMINE the CORRUPTION and (sometimes subtle, sometimes not to subtle) TERRORISM that underlies the ENTIRE Right-Wing agenda.
For example, DailyKos (which started as a relatively obscure blog) posts this excellent article,
about how the Minneapolis Star Tribune and the St. Paul Pioneer Press - do NOT EVEN COVER or report deranged Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachman's call to "INVESTIGATE my fellow Congressmen and women for ANTI-AMERICANISM", of course, "not Ameican" not so subtly implied treason.
By Keeping Bachman's McCarthyesque "INVESTIGATE THEM!" statements OUT of their 'news' coverage, the DESPICABLE editors and publishers of the Star-Trib & Pioneer Press implicitly APPROVE of them...... "Nothing to see here, move along, move along."

More to the point, your excellent comment, Mosquito, misses TWO REAL ACTS of Right-Wing TERRORISM - MURDER - ALREADY this year: a deranged Right-Wing gunman stomping into the Arkansas Democratic Party state offices and then SHOOTING and KILLING state party Chairman Bill Gwatney,
and the even MORE VILE, DESPICABLE, and TERRORISTIC Tennessee right-wing gunman who walked into a Knoxville church with MURDER and HATE in his heart, HOPING TO KILL EVERY PERSON in that church that he despised as being "too Liberal" for its compassionate outreach programs and non-condemnatory agenda. The gunman walked into that church with over 300 bullets intending to use them all.... it was only when courageous church goers wrestled the man to the floor that his murderous rampage was stopped, but not before he had killed two and wounded five.
Then of course there were the DOCTORS shot-in-back or by sniper rifles by "Pro-Life" terrorists; or ERIC RUDOLPH BOMBING Atlanta's Olympic Park during the 1996 Olympics, killing 2 and wounding over 100. Rudolph had support from sympathizers in rural, western Carolinas, who provided food for the domestic terrorist as he avoided the FBI dragnet for several years.

This list is by no means full or commprehensive, but of course must include TIMMY McVEIGH - whose April 1995 bombing of the Oklahoma federal govt. building killed 168 in April of 1995.

The venal and callow US press-media have AN OBLIGATION to remember McVeigh's mass-murderous Right-Wing domestic terrorism, because McVeigh was driven to desperation and "over the edge" by the Bush-1 Recession. Involuntarily discharged from the US Army after his valorous combat duty in the 1991 Gulf War against Iraq, McVeigh found himself back home in rural, upstate New York - unable to find a job because of the Bush-1 Recession. Even though it was 2 years into President Clinton's first term of office, "conservatives" BLAMED "liberal Democrats" and Big Government for that BUSH-1 RECESSION. (Which was actually brought about by the BUSH-1 DEFICITS that Ross Perot used his charts to lecture America about, which deficits in turn were brought about by President Bush (Sr.), Phil Gramm, and other "DEREGULATION!" advocates reducing government oversight of America's Savings & Loan banks to the point where hundreds of banks failed from massive loan losses, leading to the $500 billion (in 1980s value) S&L crisis.

Of course within a year of McVeigh's brutal bombing, by 1996, America would be in the middle of what would come to be known as the Clinton boom economy, which would continue strong until the Dot.Com Tech market bust in 1999-2000, but this is an important story to remember today, because the Right-Wing press and media are ALREADY blaming Democrats for the Bush-Cheney-Republican ECONOMIC CRISIS we are now in today.

Well, there you have it - TWO ACTS of vile Right-Wing DOMESTIC TERRORISM _ALREADY THIS YEAR.

DOMESTIC TERRORISM fires of HATRED and RESENTMENT _FANNED_ by Right-Wing leaders in both the private press-media, AND BY ELECTED OFFICIALS themselves such as Congresswoman Bachman, Senator McCain, and Alaska governor Sarah Palin.

Thank you, Mosquito, for putting your list together - hopefully, we will not have to ADD TO this (above) list of Right-Wing Domestic terrorism in the coming crucial days, weeks, and months -

Anonymous said...

Is that photo, at the top of the post, a photo of the "Stop Obama Rally" in Raton, New Mexico? I'm sure the bullet hole in the McCain Palin bus came from them rootin tootin, Yosemite Sam, Republicans, you betcha!

mosquito said...


I thank you for dropping in....You make excellent points and I definitely should have included those acts of violence in my post...

I have been out of town a few days looking at real estate in another town (that is more progressive than down here in Pat Robinson territory) I haven't been able to respond earlier.

BTW, I "saw" that the white McCain supporter who alleged she was attacked by a black man who supported Obama and carved a B into her face is now under arrest for filing a false report....I "thought" it was fake when it first came out....there are legitimate reports of Obama supporters being attacked....

I disagree with whoever shot paintballs at the McCain bus and busted out the window with a 2t...The McCan bus was able to keep moving...unlike approximately 30 Obama supporters who had their tires slashed when they attended an Obama rally.

Wouldn't it be great if American families taught values and morals and how to practice them in everyday life....I think that some folks on the right should get busy practicing what they preach...start with being a "good sport" folks.

No one likes to lose but you might be "pleasantly surprised." The sky won't fall in....even though the the roof and the ceiling need major repairs after 8 years of the Bush Republican

Anonymous said...