Monday, October 13, 2008

Rural Virginians Do Not Know U.S. History

So, it's official, rural Virginians don't read their history books! Renae Dorman stated, in an interview, that despite her troubles, the economy and her husband being out of a job, she's voting Republican, "party line," because SHE THINKS neither candidate could do anything about jobs and the ecomony in the next four years. So, she obviously knows nothing of FDR's presidency, which means she knows little of history. I want to call her a complete idiot, but I won't, because she's probably a FOX NEWS SHOW watcher and has been brainwashed. Peronally, I cannot believe that she "thinks" the economy is as bad as it can get, that she truly thinks she and others are at rock bottom. I wish I could tell her that it can get worse, and by putting in the party that got us here, she's dooming herself, and what's worse, MY family, to another 4 years of Bush/Republican policies that have led us here.


Renae said...

Hi, I came across your blog post about my interview and wanted to respond. First, it would be really nice if you didn't make broad assumptions about my intelligence based on a three minute, heavily edited, interview. I never said that I thought this was as bad as the economy could get, actually, during the interview I said that I thought things would get much worse before they got any better. They chose not to air that though, along with the comment about still not being sure how I was going to vote at this point. Also, to clarify, I did not say that I didn't think either candidate could do anything about jobs, I actually said I thought things have gotten too bad for either candidate to make a huge difference in the economy in the next four years. And I stand by that. I don't think either one is the golden boy that's going to save us. It's going to take a concerted bipartisan effort (is there such a thing?) to even begin to get us out of the mess we're in. So, if there's anything else you wish to say to me, feel free to respond. I have no problems discussing it, but would sincerely appreciate not being called an idiot just you don't agree with the things you heard me say in a three minute interview that was taped several weeks ago.
Renae Dormn

Mosquito said...


I'm so glad you stopped by to clear some stuff up.

I'm very happy to hear from another Republican who is undecided. I ran into a few last night at the Bugilosi Naro event. Typical corporate media stuff it seems.

The next President won't be able to fix the mess in a four year period that the Bush Republicans have gotten us into. But who the President is matters a great deal....that is one lesson the majority of us learned from Bush and his incompetent cronies.


akesling said...

Renae, I too appreciate you stopping by, but I did NOT call you an idiot, because I assumed you were getting wrong information. However, in that 3 minute video you said 2 things clearly, one was that you thought neither candidate can do anything about our current situation in 4 years, when history proves that's just not the case. My father, a WWII veteran, fed his family on the FDR jobs' program, and that was done in the first 4 years of the FDR administration. The second was that your husband had thought about going into the military for a job, and that, in and of itself, should frighten you away from the Republican party, especially since McCain stated that he didn't care if we had to stay in Iraq for 100 years. I have two grandsons, and vote for not only my family, but for others who have young sons and grandsons. The military should not be the only option for jobs in the United States, as it is now.