Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Another Day Another Major War Crime

What compels Israeli's leaders to raise the ante and commit bigger war crimes? I'm talking white phosphorous. It does to civilians what napalm did to the people in Vietnam. Remember this famous photograph of the little girl running naked (her back was badly burned by napalm). [The photo I can't seem to get uploaded this morning, unfortunately.] On the ground journalists allowed the world to see what was being done to the Vietnamese people and it resulted in napalm being discontinued, outlawed and labeled a war crime.

So now we have white phosphorus--another name another version of napalm. The US denied using it in Fallujah but this lie was exposed...and the world knows what the US did even if the majority of the American people are still in the dark.

Now Israel is "allegedly" using white phosphorus on the people of Gaza....
literally burning them alive and not discriminating between agents of Hamas and innocent men, women, and children. The white phosphorous missiles are the missiles that look like sparklers we use to celebrate on the 4th of July but the fiery sparks are all headed for the ground. Since the journalists are hovered on the outskirts of Gaza wanting to go in and document what is happening on the ground they are able to get shots of these inhumane missiles that are not supposed to be used in areas populated by civilians.

Gaza maybe the most densely populated region in the world.

Do the leaders of Israel have no conscious....no shame? The leaders of Israel are starting to make war criminals like Bush/Cheney look like petty thieves....trust me that's not a compliment.

But folks all over the world are rising up to protest....hopefully the United Nations will finally be compelled to send a peace keeping force into the region...a true peacekeeping force that will keep Israeli's and Palestinians safe so that peace talks can begin in earnest.

Too many people are fed up with state sponsored terrorism....war crimes that breed terrorists all over the world. It is time to enforce the law that civilians everywhere are off limits.

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Cargosquid said...

The only white phosphorous being used is smoke shells. This is a case of repeat a lie often enough and militarily ignorant reporters will repeat it.

Yes, there are bits of phosphorus being spread when the shell explodes, but the difference is the same between a sparkler and a flamethrower.