Sunday, January 04, 2009

Another Israeli clusterbomb hits Gaza Marketplace

The video for this title was removed because it is now clear that it is misdated and mislabeled. Raw Story, one of the sites running this video, wrote this:

On Sunday, RAW STORY ran video of a bombing in Gaza purported to be recent footage leaked from an exiled Palestinian blogger.

The footage is the aftermath of a devastating bombing taking place in a market, said to have been taken on Saturday. According to Haitham Sabbah, it was taken "immediately after a terrorist Israeli air strike hit a busy market where kids with their mothers and fathers were searching for food to eat from one of the local markets early on Saturday 03, Jan 2009."

The source was in error. The footage was actually taken on September 23, 2005 at the Jabaliya refugee camp, described as a bombing of a parade that killed at least 15 Palestinians. Israel denied responsibility, and the ruling Palestinian Fatah blamed Hamas.

From another site:

The video was recorded on September 23rd 2005, not 1st January 2009
The scene is not a civilian marketplace, it is from the Jabalya refugee camp in the north of the Gaza Strip
The video does not depict the aftermath of an IDF air strike, it depicts the aftermath of the explosion of a pick-up truck carrying Qassam rockets during a Hamas rally (that explains the large number of Hamas personnel present immediately after the explosion, the miniature Hamas flags, etc.)
At least 15 Palestinians were killed and dozens injured in the blast, many of whom were Hamas security personnel either in or around the pick-up truck (that explains all the wounded in military uniforms)
The copy of the video you are actively distributing has been edited. The original video supposedly showed the Hamas pick-up truck (visible for a split-second at the start of your edited version) exploding, whereas your version cuts from an image of the pick-up beforehand to the immediate aftermath.

The irony here is that according to Dr. Gilbert, who is quoted in the second comment below, a market was hit on Saturday, killing 20 and injuuring 80. He has been treating the wounded. What led me to believe this video was authentic was the doctor's text message from Gaza. Mosquito Blog apologizes for getting snookered here and passing on what amounts to propaganda.


The Richmond Democrat said...

Here is my response:

Mac said...

From another comment on another post below, Lars93 said...

My dad works at the same hospital as Mads Gilbert. he got a txt message form Dr. Gilbert. Translated from Norwegian it says: They bombed the central fruit and vegetables marked in Gaza town two hours ago. 80 wounded and 20 killed. All of them came here, to Shifa. Hades! We are up to our knees with death, blood and amputants. Lots of children. Pregnant women. I have never experienced anything this terrible. Tell people, pass it on, shout it from the rooftops. Everything. WE MUST DO MORE! We are living in the history books now, everyone! Mads G, 1.3.09, 13:50, Gaza, Palestine (Anesthesia Doctor)

Star Womanspirit said...

What would folks in VA call this if this happened in a marketplace in Norfolk or Richmond VA?

Terrorism seems to be the word to describe this kind of stuff....

Must be another infamous American high tech guided bomb which missed it's mark once again.

Mosquito said...

Thank you Star for the im so I could catch up with the great job Mac is continuing to do to bring this state sponsored terrorism into the light of day.

Now I understand why the corporate media is concentrating so hard on the Blagojovich crap....anything to keep the plight of Gaza out of the news.

This is just so tragic...No wonder Europe is speaking out against this inhumane slaughter.

I'm still on my hiatus being busy with some projects but I will try to check in as I can and hopefully I'll be back to posting soon.

A Big Thanks to Star and a GRANDE BIG THANKS to Mac for holding down the fort.



cominius said...

Raw Story reports this video was taken September 23, 2005 at Jabaliya refugee camp. Fatah party blamed Hamas. Link is:

Star Womanspirit said...

Thanks Cominius for the info and the link...

Mosquito Blog does not like to make errors but when we do we try to post a quick retraction and apology....

Mac said...

It looks like you're right, Star, but according to the Dr. Gilbert, a market was hit on Saturday, so I am leaving the post up for the time being while deleting the video.

Cargosquid said...

Thanks for the correction.

One of the rockets fired by those peace loving HAMAS hit an elementary school in Sderot. The children had been sent home, though. But, if not..would we see the same outrage over that?

Thought experiment. HAMAS and Fatah lays down their arms. Palestinians forswear violence. Peace reigns.

What would happen if Israel laid down their arms....?

HAMAS has only one reason for existence. Kill Israelis. They don't care about the Palestinians. They were elected on false pretenses. Palestinians were desperate for "honest" government and got killers, instead. HAMAS hides in the civilian population. It doesn't protect it.

Mac said...

Hamas actually began in 1987 as a branch of the Moslem Brotherhood that originated in Egypt and their only emphasis at first was providing social services to the Palestinians. It was not until 1992 that they created a military branch.

Mosquito said...

CargoSquid--I'm glad you continue to drop in. I hope all is well with you.

I do not condone violence against the people of Israel or Palestine.

However, IF Hamas did have one of their missiles hit a school the damage would not even compare to what an Israeli state of the art American made missile does. I saw where the Israeli's were showing where one Hammas missile landed on the ground. The hole looked like it might have been 3 feet deep with a 6 foot circumference.

I am angry that Hamas gave the Israeli neo-cons an excuse to commit more outrageous war appears that some of the victims in Palestine are expressing the same angry sentiment.

The bottom line is this...Hamas (and many others) were shocked with Israel's outrageous response. It appears that Israel is using the Hamas missiles to go in and wipe out Hamas and so what if hundreds of innocent civilians are killed....civilians who are trapped and are not allowed to flee the combat zone. And it turns out to be "political." There's an election coming up and the current conservative gov was actually going to be in a competitive race...With this invasion the right wing gov is expected to "rise in the polls." Did Bush and Cheney learn this fear tactic from the Israeli's or did they learn it from Bush and Cheney? Hopefully the people of Israel will wake up and not fall for the fear bait....but many Americans are guilty of voting their fears instead of their hopes and dreams until very recently so I don't want to come across as hypocritical (even though I have never fallen for the fear baiting and always vote for my hopes and dreams. I always strive for a better America. the Israeli's KNOW that Bush and Cheney will back their war crimes so they are trying to do as much damage as possible before Obama becomes president and the hell with the innocent civilian men women and children of Gaza.

Of course Bush has recently fanned the flames of war by endorsing the latest Israeli war crimes. Now that the "truth" has come out and the torture war crimes are not restricted to what the Bush admin labeled a "few bad apples" which they promptly prosecuted and locked up....ahem....hopefully Congress will now HAVE to investigate some of the Bush Cheney war crimes and hopefully Bush and Cheney will end up facing a trial for their major roles in th torture war crimes.

I'm so ashamed and angry that MY tax dollars are backing these outrageous war crimes that do nothing to make Israel or Palestine safer.


Cargosquid said...

Israel needs to stop all of the rocket attacks. Not just the most current.

If HAMAS would just stop trying to kill Israelis, there would be no invasion of Gaza. HAMAS owns Gaza now. They could have improved it, but would rather spend money on weapons and hide behind the civilians instead of helping them.

Gazans should be shooting HAMAS whenever they see a rocket laucher set up or ammo dump hidden in a school. Hezollah does the same thing under the schools the build to "help" the Lebanese.

Anonymous said...

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