Saturday, January 24, 2009

Buzz--Obama's No Change Stimulus Plan

Thanks Heavens someone is asking good questions....Can we clone Rachel and put a few like her into the White House Press Pool?

The House voted to stop the release of the remaining no strings attached 350 billion dollars. Unfortunately the Senate did not vote to stop the funding of this horrible bill.

ONLY 8% for our highway roads, bridges and tunnels....Obama sure talked big about infrastructure but he's NOT doing what h promised. The House and Senate should pass a bill stopping the 350 billion and pass a bill that funds infrastructure only until they can plan what to do with the rest of the money. Make 25%-50% of the money available immediately for infrastructure projects that can get started now. STOP giving the money to the crooks in the banking and financial industry that got us into this disaster....aka Larry Summers...will NOT get us out.

Unfortunately I am still not seeing any progressive concrete actions concerning our economy...Obama and his administration have a golden opportunity to get it right....I'm afraid he's going to prefer compromise to successful action.

Obama is smart so who the heck is he working for? Us or the Larry Summer financial types that got us into this mess?


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Cargosquid said...

Has Hades frozen over? Is that a pig overhead?

I agree with you on this.

Except I believe that the ENTIRE package is pork. Keep the money. Let bad businesses fail on their own, without government "help." Because they are going to fail, anyway. This entire pork bill is about buying power.

These "spending packages" make the entire cost of the Iraq campaign look like small change. If these packages are put into law, our debt will be greater than our GDP.

Let business rebuild the economy by making it easier to make money. And don't assume the risk for them. Business is risk. If there is no government bailout, the risk will be minimized.