Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Dedicated to the Children of Gaza by Mizz Tatchipen

Mizz Tatchipen has been uploading some very valuable videos about the situation Gaza. Here is Mizz's sidebar for this one that was uploaded early Tuesday, Dec 13. Her figures are already dated, of course, during this non-stop carnage:

In the statistical medical sources, the total number of Palestinian martyrs killed 926 so far.

1. The percentage of children of martyrs, 32% (292)
2. The percentage of women martyrs 8.2% (75)
3. The percentage of children of martyrs and women 41% of the total killed in the knowledge that the rest of the wounded were civilians.
The percentage of the wounded were children 35.2% (1497)
The percentage of the wounded are women 15% (626)
The number of wounded children and women of 2123 by 50% of the total number of wounded in the knowledge that the rest of the wounded were civilians

In addition: the killing of 11 of the medical staff and wounding 22, including 11 in addition to the destruction of an ambulance and go out of service
He cited an ambulance Easa Saleh when Israeli aircraft fired a missile at an ambulance while trying to rescue a number of the injured in the Jabalya refugee camp, and shortly after the death of a young man in a car parked next to a mosque in central caliphs Jabalya refugee camp, in addition to the death of a child in the same incident, bringing the number of martyrs Jabalya refugee camp in the four states of the girl after the martyrdom of al-Banna, 15-year-old in the bombing occurred at a house adjacent to her home.

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