Sunday, January 11, 2009

From Turkish TV Last Week: One Million Turks Stand for Gaza against Israeli Massacre

Israeli-Turkish relations were pretty good until Gaza erupted. Now look. This is the sidebar for this video:


All around the world, the protests against the Israeli policies and attacks in Gaza are denounced by millions of people.

Many parts of the world, especially after Israel started the ground operaiton yesterday, millions of people in differents parts of the world protest Israel in the squares and in front of the Israeli embassies.

The protests in Turkey started yesterday in different cities and especially the most crowded ones were in Istanbul and Ankara. Still today tens of thousands of people come together to pray for Palestinian people and to curse Israel.

In the ongoing protests the crowds chant slogans denouncing Israel and supporting Hamas and Palestinian people.

From the ages 7 to 77 there are protestors

Not only the men are filling the squares to protest Israel but also thousands of young-old, child, women are chanting slogans in the squares supporting Palestine. Yesterday three thousands of children protested the Israeli attacks with their mothers in the meeting area in Istanbul.

Today tens of thousands of people are in Caglayan square in Istanbul for one of the biggest protests. By the way the crowd sieging the Israel's Istanbul embassy has become a good example for the protests.

In Indonesia, one of the biggest protest meetings were arranged. In Israel, Europe, America and the entire world Israel is protested by even its own citizens.

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