Saturday, January 24, 2009

Gaza in Ruins: A news special - Part 1 - 23 Jan 09

The sidebar for this video:

The Gaza Strip is a land in ruins, devastated by 22 days of war.

In this news special from Gaza, Al Jazeera focuses on the damage from the war - the human, physical and political damage suffered by people here, people already weakened by an 18-month siege at the hands of Israel.


Anonymous said...

Never a mention of the million Israeli's who have lived for years under the threat of Hamas rockets. The people of Gaza chose Hamas to govern them. An organization that will never live in peace with Israel. You reap what you sow.

Mac said...

I don't recall any Israeli cities being reduced to rubble lately or we would be showing that too. WE did show footage of Sderot being hit a while back. We do not overlook Hamas attacks, but we put them into perspective of the Occupation, instead of pretending that terrorists just grow on olive trees and fire rockets for the Hell of it as soon as they hit the ground.

Hamas had agreed to negotiate accepting a two-state solution with Israel utilizing the 1967 boundaries, but this was ignored by Israel. I would say that the Israeli State is an organzation that will never live in peace with Palestinians, not so long as the doctrine of Greater Israel is a Likud midset.

Israelis who have instigated the Gaza catastrophe will reap what they have sown. Thousands of innocents dead, wounded, tens of thousands homeless. What goes around does indeed come around eventually. Karmic debt. You can not destroy the innocent in this Universe without incurring Karmic debt.