Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Photos of Interfaith Vigil of Moslems, Christians and Jews, Downtown Norfolk, Mon 12 January

Despite freezing weather dipping into the low 30s on Monday afternoon, January 12, over two dozen people (maybe more because I got there late) held an interfaith vigil for two hours, going well past dusk at the intersection of St Paul Blvd and City Hall Ave in downtwon Norfolk. This was the second activist event against the assault of Gaza in two weeks, both at this same corner. This time members of three faiths (at least), Moslem, Christian and Jewish, gathered together to carry signs and make their presence felt as hundreds of cars drove by, many of whom honked in affirmation to their messages. Finally, around six-thirty and quite frozen, they all gathered in a circle and bowed their heads in a prayer for peace.

Later I was emailed that as many as seventy people may have come and gone from the event during the two plus hours. Since I got there during the last half hour I only caught the event as it was winding down. There was a WAVY 10 cameraman just leaving when I arrived, so I wonder if any of his footage made the news.

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Star Womanspirit said...

Thank you Mac for making it to the Rally and covering this event.

I am so sorry that I was not able to make it to this event...but thankfully someone "covered it."

I was feeling "under the weather" and fell asleep without being able to view the local news.

Did anyone see any local corporate news people report on this event?

Just wondering....