Thursday, January 01, 2009

Sderot residents live on the edge 30 Dec 08

Video from Al Jazeera News

As you can see, both sides in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict are suffering from hostilities since the breakdown of the ceasefire in November, with both Israel and Hamas accusing each other of causing the breakdown. Both sides also accuse each other of being terrorists as well. The irony here is that since Israel's assault on December 26 began, rocket attacks have by-and-large increased, killing several Israelis. One woman in this interview describes the cycle of violence that is going on, hoping that somehow another round of violence will stop the violence. Not very likely.

Worse still, Hamas has called for a Third Intifada, Hezbollah is threatening to open up a second front and Iran has called for volunteers to defend Palestine. The bloodshed on both sides may increase exponentially.

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