Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Senate Democrats--Do the Right Thing!!

I just called Senator Webb and asked him to seriously consider replacing Senator Reid as the Senate Majority Leader.

Harry Reid finally took a stand on something. He refused to stand up against the Bush Administration on the issues that mattered....including the latest Wall Street Bail Out Con.

So what does the ineffectual Reid do? He finally takes a stand on some minor issue of not seating the junior Illinois Senator. In spite of the fact that the law is NOT on Reid's side. That's exactly the kind of thinking that Bush and Cheney utilized in their atrocious administration. it's exactly the kind of thinking we do not need.

So Harry Reid huffed and he puffed and.....then he backs down. Wow....what a surprise.

Why not choose a real leader? Someone like Senator Feingold or Senator Chris Dodd.

Our country is in trouble and Reid is worst than's time for a change.


The Artful Doddger said...

Ethical, like Dodd?

Seriously? Is this blog a SNL sketch?

Star Womanspirit said...

Artful Doddger--I'm truly glad you stopped by.

In all honesty when I wrote this piece "my choice" for the Senate Majority Leader was Russ Feingold.... but in a mixed moment of "practicality"-that maybe the Senate would not be willing to trade Reid for Feingold...I definitely feel confident in Feingold's ethics and leadership ability. However, I "compromised" and put up Dodd's name too. After all, I think just about anyone is better than Reid....

But Dodd was in there as a compromise and I don't want to "defend" Dodd. I don't live in CT so he is not my Senator. I expect that you are more knowledgeable about Dodd's record; he is your Senator. I must say though I appreciate Dodd's work in getting the family and medical leave act passed.

I'll try to be more conscious of when I'm compromising in the future.