Friday, January 09, 2009

War Crimes du Jour

A UN convoy attacked, the Red Cross blocked and harassed, international journalists blocked in the apparent vain attempt to hide all the murders, dead men, women and children in the roads, all at the hands of the IDF. The list goes on and on. I hope this is all being carefully recorded to present to the War Crimes Tribunal in the Hague. Fascism, the psychiatrist Wilhelm Reich once said, is the impulse to murder given free rein.


Anonymous said...

You seem to be a one trick pony. You are nothing but a shill for the terrorist organization Hamas. Your anti-Israel diatribes are pathetic. It's sad how hatred, ignorance and prejudice can blind someone to the truth.

Cargosquid said...

1) The Hague has no jurisdiction. Neither side is signatory to the Genenva Convention.
2) For all the prevention of entry of "international reporters", CNN gets a lot of news from Gaza. Al Jazeera is showing 24 hours a day internationally.
3) Which Red Cross would that be? Since the Palestinian are using Red Crescent ambulances to transport arms and terrorists. Hmm, I stop and check them too.
4) And I say again, where was the outrage when HAMAS sends rockets and bombers against civilians. Apparently its OK with you to kill Israeli children. If HAMAS would stop using the civilians as human shields and using schools as weapons and ammo dumps and as combat platforms, then civilians would be alot safer. Gazans should be shooting HAMAS. HAMAS is the one that puts Gazans in danger. They WANT civilian deaths.

Don Calladito said...

Excellent post; shame for the racist and ignorant comments from Anonymous and Cargosquid. It's unbelievable that there are still people parroting the Israeli government's propaganda and blaming the victims.

Lets see those 4 points:

1) Even if the Hague had no jurisdiction (which I doubt), Israel's crimes are still inhuman. If you can't see something so basic as this, then I'm afraid there's something wrong with you.
2) The reporters explained that they were reporting from the border. The reporting that comes from inside is mostly from Palestinian reporters who live in Gaza. And why is this point important? How does your point make Israel's crimes any less criminal?
3) Does it really matter which Red Cross that is? Do you have any proof whatsoever that ambulances transport "arms and terrorists"? Please don't parrot Israeli lies yet again.
4) Any civilian death is wrong. What you fail to see is that for every Israeli death from qassam rockets since the offensive started, there have been more than a HUNDRED Palestinian deaths, which of course makes the crime more than a HUNDRED times worse.

That is of course, without mentioning the basic historical facts: that Gaza is a de facto concentration camp blockaded by Israel, that people don't get food nor medicine, that for decades they have had to endure poverty, oppression and humiliation from Israel forces, and that their land was stolen by Israel in the first place. So you could very well argue that those Hamas rockets are much easier to justify as self-defense than what Israel does. Remember the Warsaw Ghetto?? Same thing, different people.

Mac said...

Both of YOU are one-trick ponies, just regurgitating Israeli State propaganda. I an beginning to think you are incapable of independent, critical thought.

Here at Mosquito Blog we like to go where the silence is, to show where injustice is being committed. Too bad your golden calf, the Israeli State, has little to do with truth and justice right now. I put this info out because I am helping to counter the massive AIPAC-Israeli Propaganda Machine's trying to spin and cover up criminal mass-murder as "defending the homeland". This is the excuse being used to carry on a pogrom.

I guess you haven't noticed that I have criticized Hamas, but what they are doing to Israel right now pales in comparison with the carnage in Gaza. Isrealis are not being gunned down and blown-up a dozen or more at a time with the daeth toll approaching a thousand. If they were I guarantee you I would be posting that too.

I also guess you haven't noticed I have posted a series of Jewish and Israeli speakers. They also criticize the Israeli State just as I do. Are they shills for Hamas too? Are they being BAD LITTLE GERMANS?

Furthermore, are you trying to equate a handful of dead and wounded in Israel with entire cities in Gaza under attack, with thousands dead or wounded? You know, I watched a video of a Right-wing Israeli crowd in Tel Aviv shouting "f*ck the Arabs up, f*ck the Arabs up! a couple of days ago. That kind of summed it up for me. What we have here, in the psychological depths, is a race riot going on in Gaza, a hate-filled, sadistic race riot, not too unlike the Hutus going wild on the Tutsis with their machetes, except the IDF uses exotic ordnance and weaponry instead.

Mac said...

By the way, when I say both of you in the above comment, I am referring to Cargo Squid and Anonymous.

MR. X said...

Wow, there is no doubt in my mind. The Israeli spokesperson near the end of the video is a person with out a conscience. Sort of as if he was a clone or something. I didn’t want to believe it, but looks like there is another race on earth. But this race is not distinguishable by color or looks, for they seem to be in every country in every shape and form. Psychopathic soul-less people with no capability of HUMAN empathy. To all of the other race:
you are exposing your UN-HUMAN nature through your extreme hubris.

This is so obvious now, that’s why there are Jewish people of conscience against this slaughter. Also why there are some in the world who follow Israel, fanatically without a thought.

Cargosquid said...

While you may disagree with everything that I wrote, I challenge you to point out ONE RACIST THING. This is a war of religion and power politics. This is a tribal feud. You may not agree with my point of view nor I, yours. But I do not include race into my comments unless race is the topic. While many Jewish voices have been heard disagreeing about the conflict, I add them to the political forces arrayed against the military actions taking place. They are the same as the anti-war groups in the USA.

My point is simple. When HAMAS and Hezbollah renounce the destruction of Israel, lay down their arms, and begin to properly care for their constituents, by whom they were elected, peace will arrive in the area. Israel does not want Gaza. And gave it back to HAMAS who then turned it into a rocket pad. Its not always racism and paranoia when people ARE trying to kill you. You state that HAMAS and the Palestinian people have legitimate claims. If they Palestinians had not joined with the Arabs, but with the Israelis in 1948, that coast would be a gold coast amid oil dictatorships.

Both sides have committed atrocities. But how should have Israel reacted to the continual onslaught of rockets and the continued proclamation that HAMAS would destroy Israel? Why should Israel give any "slack" to an admitted enemy? For all of the atrocities that you put on the Israelis, you can put the same on the Palestinians. Israel is supposed to sit back and just take any forms of violence from a neighboring state because Israel has the power to erase them? Why is it that when a smaller power is stupid enough to enrage a greater power, its always the larger power's fault? Even HAMAS has admitted that they underestimated the Israeli reaction. They state (now) that all they wanted was more negotiations. How do you negotiate with someone that has stated that they want nothing from you except your death.

Just because HAMAS and Hezbollah are limited in there attacks only by their military capability, do you think that either force would not hesitate to kill as many Israelis as possible?

I hope you notice that I did not bring race into this. Neither nationality nor religion is race based. Natives to the region were (or used to be called, I don't know) a semitic people.

Palestine has a right to conduct war as a sovereign polity. How they conduct that war is up to them. But if you keep poking a lion, make sure that he can't unlock the cage from his side.